Alveo Deepens Partnership with SIX Expanding Global Data Coverage in its Data-as-a-Service Solution

  • Data
  • 28.11.2022 11:05 am

Alveo, the leader in cloud-based market data integration, analytics and Data-as-a-Service (“DaaS”) solutions for financial services, announced today that it has expanded its global data coverage and feed integrations by adding new content from SIX including Sentiment indicators, Tax, and Regulatory Risk data.

Combining data and data management capabilities in DaaS offerings provides financial services firms with integrated solutions that directly put content from SIX into critical customer workflows and databases. This helps customers self-serve and quickly realise the value of SIX data sets, including its global security master and historical pricing data already available via Alveo.

Alveo’s data management solutions provide linking and cross-referencing of SIX content with client data sets or separately sourced third-party content. In addition, data lineage, data governance, cleansing and last-mile integration capabilities enable the rapid embedding of content into customer workflows and cloud data warehouses.

“Market participants increasingly need on-demand access to our vast catalogue of global financial and investor protection related data” said Sam Sundera, Head Future Business Financial Information at SIX. “Extending our partnership with Alveo’s leading edge managed services and data analytics solutions enables those firms to rapidly utilise critical asset-level data directly in investment operations and workflow applications.”

“Alveo’s cross-referencing and integration capabilities in its DaaS solutions can quickly onboard and operationalise any data source. SIX already offers Alveo clients an extraordinary depth of data,” said Mark Hepsworth, Alveo’s CEO. “Further integration with SIX enables additional and flexible access to our customers for their  tax, sanctions, pricing, corporate actions and security reference data.”

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