River Logic Announces End-to-End Analytics Partnership

  • Data Management
  • 02.06.2017 01:30 pm

River Logic today announced its new partnership with End-to-End Analytics, a management consulting firm specializing in helping clients make better data-driven decisions. 

The partnership will enhance End-to-End Analytics' ability to drive sustainable growth through their clients' adoption of advanced analytics solutions, leveraging River Logic's unique prescriptive analytics platform. 

End-to-End Analytics currently leverages several planning and analytics tools and platforms, such as Anaplan and Gurobi, and has built numerous custom optimization models, employing the highly technical skillsets of its unique staff including nine Operations Research PhDs. 

End-to-End Analytics leadership views partnering with River Logic as both a continuation of this work and a means to extending its reach and value within client firms. "We've had a lot of success leveraging optimization, but we are strong believers in the power of integrated platforms that support wide-spread adoption of advanced analytics, and River Logic has exactly that," stated Colin Kessinger, Managing Director. 

River Logic shares Kessinger's vision and anticipates End-to-End will be a highly-successful partner. "Finding a consulting firm with the level of technical knowledge End-to-End Analytics possesses is rare," said Nathan Goldstein, VP Channel Partners. "Their knowledge base, combined with the flexibility of our platform, will enable them to operationalize the analytical approach they already bring to clients, and in turn will help us achieve our mission to drive mass adoption of prescriptive analytics."

End-to-End Analytics plans to leverage River Logic's platform to deliver solutions that address wide a range of business challenges facing many of their Consumer Goods, Retail, High Tech, Automotive & Industrial, and Financial Services customers. Some of these challenges include capacity planning, inventory optimization, product mix and assortment planning, pricing and promotions.

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