Dino-Software Introduces Universal Data Manager 2.3

  • Data Management
  • 14.03.2017 12:30 pm

Dino-Software Corporation is an industry-leading provider in mainframe utilities, revealed version 2.3 of Universal Data Manager (UDM). It is designed to simplify and improve enterprise storage management from a centralized GUI to achieve optimum resource utilization within z/OS mainframe storage environments. 

"We're very excited about releasing UDM 2.3 and the immediate benefit it can bring to organizations.  We have extended the breadth and depth of support UDM offers to further streamline storage management with enhanced comprehensive, policy-based automation across the enterprise.  Storage Administrators can focus on business-critical operations while UDM greatly simplifies or completely handles the routine tasks through automation," states Gary Bleemer, CTO of Dino-Software.

UDM's state-of-the-art architecture installs simply, without requiring a server, instantly establishing a single point of communication for all z/OS systems across the enterprise, empowering customers to manage, monitor, report on, and maintain storage with ease.

  • Enterprise Level Management - Access to all enterprise z/OS storage from a central GUI without logging on to each system.
  • Command and JCL Management - Single commands or jobs executed on all controlled systems, eliminating typical task and command library redundancies.
  • Simple, Comprehensive Reporting – Extensive reports using SQL filtering can be generated, saved, and executed on multiple systems in a single request with consolidated results.
  • Integrated Automation and Monitoring - Powerful message trapping and scheduling ensure storage management can be automated and enables proactive alerting when critical conditions occur. 

Quick and Easy Installation - Ensures immediate utilization and ROI, avoiding the traditionally complicated install of other tools.  Unlike many offerings, UDM integrates into existing security setups.



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