SLVA’s AI and ML-powered Cyber Security Solutions Drive Greater Opportunities for MSSPs Servicing SMBs

  • Cybersecurity
  • 30.08.2022 07:10 am

With the volume of cyber-attacks threatening organisations daily, infrastructure and security teams are stretched, fatigued, and in many instances, operationally siloed, playing directly in the hands of the attackers. These factors, together with a deep understanding of the security landscape, prompted SLVA CyberSecurity, a leading provider of cyber security solutions to enterprises and managed service providers (MSSPs), to offer Seceon’s comprehensive artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled cybersecurity solutions, which deliver transformative, predictable outcomes for MSSPs and their small to medium business customers.

Seceon is a global provider of the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) driven cyber threat detection and remediation platforms for enterprises and MSSPs. Patrick Evans, CEO of SLVA CyberSecurity, explains that security challenges affect businesses of all sizes, but it’s SMBs that stand to lose the most. “Enterprise and large business suffer from the same security threats, but are better resourced to cope with the onslaught, although nowadays even that is not enough.”

Non-AI and machine learning (ML) solutions have a far higher customer-to-analyst overhead, typically 5:1 or 10:1. “In an environment that uses AI and machine learning (ML) to deploy, detect, notify and remediate, MSSPs can look forward to a far more economically beneficial customer-to-analyst ratio of 80:1,” explains Evans.  

“SMBs face a double threat in that they are under-resourced and often don’t possess the necessary skills to apply a cyber security strategy to protect themselves, which is the opportunity that is presented to MSSPs,” says Evans.

“MSSPs routinely act as technology advisors to SMBs; with Seceon’s ease of implementation and onboarding, reporting and threat intelligence all out of the box and automated, MSSPs can take up the challenge of offering a total security solution designed to adapt to the constantly evolving threat landscape.”

SLVA’s Seceon solutions present a unique billing model, which is something SMBs require. Seceon solutions are deployed as a per-user per month cost rather than the traditional “per incident” model, providing predictability to for end customers, and better cost management for MSSPs. 

Seceon’s aiMSSP product is a multi-tier, multi-tenant platform combining the power of a dynamic security operations centre with the advantage of advanced security information and event management (SIEM). There is also extended detection and response (XDR) in a single solution, which can be managed and monitored by an MSSP.    

“Tool fatigue and the complexity of modern environments, coupled with the fact that very few SMBs and their technology providers have a single-pane view of threats, exploits, and attacks is leaving many environments at risk,” explains Evans. Seceon places essential tools, analytics, dashboards, controls, queries and reports at the provider’s fingertips, even if their core function is not cyber security solutions with a billing model tailored to SMBs.  AI-enabled SIEM and XDR operate across platforms, whether in the cloud, on-premise or in remote work environments; customers gain an elevated security posture, and MSSPs gain another revenue stream.   

Using artificial intelligence for automated threat detection Seceon solutions can effectively identify and remediate threats within an environment with fewer analysts required – eight times as efficient in some cases – which would otherwise require significant chunks of time to fine-tune and analyse manually.  “The automated deployment and threat detection is so effective, a client discovered recently that they were compromised while Seceon solutions were being deployed,” says Evans. 

The Seceon solutions uncover myriads of threat vectors lurking inside environments providing comprehensive visibility and shortening the mean-time-to-identify and mean-time-to-respond automatically.  “The net result is a dramatic reduction in operational backlog and human error while providing audit and compliance reporting against almost all data protection policies, and for MSSPs, there’s greater opportunity to build deeper relationships with customers,” says Evans. “And who isn’t looking for that, especially when there is so much at stake these days?” he concludes.

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