Arcserve Partners With NEBRC to Help Businesses in the North East of England Fight Cyberthreats

  • Cybersecurity
  • 19.08.2020 01:41 pm

Arcserve, the world’s most experienced data and ransomware protection provider, has entered into a partnership with the North East Business Resilience Centre (NEBRC), a non-profit organisation which supports, educates and helps to protect businesses in the North East of England from cybercrime, informed by the National Cyber Security Centre's (NCSC's) advice and guidance.

As part of the NEBRC’s goal of bringing national level industry expertise to their core partner base of local organisations in hospitality, manufacturing, and education, Arcserve will provide free educational resources including webinars, newsletter contributions and industry specific content.

This advice will draw from Arcserve’s over 35 years of data protection knowledge, including a nuanced understanding of the disaster recovery market, and proven track record of delivering a diverse suite of data protection and security solutions to ensure business continuity for any type of workload. This will allow the NEBRC to further help businesses in the region protect themselves from cyberthreats, in collaboration with their established network of ethical hackers from local universities and seven police forces.

“Though many businesses in the North East are faced with a challenging set of economic circumstances outside their control, this is not a time for letting business continuity and data protection fall to the wayside,” said Rebecca Chapman, director at the NEBRC. “Ransomware, to give just one example, continues to pose a significant and rising threat to UK small businesses. By giving our partners access to Arcserve’s decades of hard-won, in-the-trenches, IT expertise, we can better give them the support they need.”

Mick Bradley, vice president of EMEA at Arcserve, says: “We thought this was a unique opportunity to help UK businesses in their time of need, and one that was near impossible for us to turn down. We see businesses in the North as a key element of our shared economic future and securing them is an indispensable part of Arcserve’s UK mission. Joining with the NEBRC will help us to fulfill our social responsibility of providing them with education, best practices, and industry insights to help protect themselves from cyberthreats - in addition to just providing them with tools for the task.”

Arcserve has recently deepened its alliance with Sophos, the world’s leading cybersecurity provider, to offer new solutions for cloud and SaaS-based workloads.

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