Security and usability combined: Payger introduces new updates

Security and usability combined: Payger introduces new updates
06.12.2018 10:39 am

Security and usability combined: Payger introduces new updates


Every day, the number of digital currencies is growing - the market is booming. Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies have not yet arrived in the mindset of the general public. One more reason to offer an user-friendly payment platform for digital currencies for everyone. The blockchain technology-based web wallet Payger provides an easy, fast and easy way to integrate digital currencies like Bitcoin or Dash into everyday life.

The Payger ecosystem already includes a browser wallet, e-commerce plugins and a payment API for developers. For 2019, a mobile app is planned to ease access to the global Payger payment and messaging platform. With the web wallet, today 51+ digital currencies can be traded, transferred and managed. Including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, BitShares, Dash but also various stablecoins like BitUSD, BitCNY and BitEUR. The handling is simple, only a Payger account is required. With this, payments can be received and also sent. In order to maximize the usability further new features have been implemented to Payger. All new features at a glance: 

• BIP-70 payment protocols for more secure payments with Bitcoin payments

With these protocols Bitcoin payment information can be transmitted via QR codes as well as via URL. Thus, payment amount as well as currency can be checked again before payment. The BIP-70 has already proven itself: By switching to the BPI-70 payment protocol, around 95 percent of all payment errors have been reduced with Bitcoin payments. 

• PIN entry as authorization tool

Payger has increased its security requirements and now requires the personal user pin as confirmation for every payment and exchange between two digital currencies. By the query of the personal 4-digit PIN's the Payger account is additionally protected against third parties. User can update the PIN any time in their settings.

• Optimized customer support with ZenDesk

Payger customer support has been upgraded and user onboarding has now been linked to ZenDesk. With the new update, a support ticket is automatically created for each new Payger user to answer future support questions faster and to assist new Payger users during the onboarding process. 

• Increased platform stability and network connection with the global BitShares network

With the last update, the network stability of the Payger wallet has been increased. In addition to our own Payger BitShares blockchain nodes, we have added several backup nodes. The Payger wallet now automatically switches to one of the various backup nodes in case it loses the connection to the main Payger node. The result is higher stability and resistance in case of connection loss. In addition, the account overview has been improved. In the past, once the Payger Wallet lost connection to the backend node, the latest balances where temporarily not available. The account balances are always loaded live from the blockchain network. The new feature caches the latest account balances and solves this issue through automatically updated after every new transaction.

• Maintain your contacts

Intuitive contact selection is the keyword: With Payger, complex crypto-wallet addresses can be dispensed with. When transferring digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Payger users simply use the recipients' e-mail addresses directly or send them to the Payger ID. At the same time, the inserted address book saves new contacts automatically after each transaction and accesses this address list as soon as a new payment is to be authorized. With the last update, Payger users can create new contacts, manage existing ones and transfer digital currencies in a few simple steps.

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