Overbit announces five sketches series aimed at increasing crypto accessibility and adoption

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • 23.07.2020 01:31 pm

Overbit, a leading Bitcoin derivatives trading platform, has announced a new series of comedy sketches - aimed at highlighting the ease and accessibility of digital currency trading to the masses bringing comedy during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Since March 2020, Overbit saw a 30% to 40% increase in trading activities. Trader dwell time on the exchange also increased with an average of 50% and above, compared to pre-pandemic. The main reason for this is people are trading from home and are spending longer flexible hours to themselves without having to sleep early to go to work.


With this series, Overbit looks to expand the reach of digital assets by transcending language and technical barriers through visual storytelling and the universal language of humour. These sketches also showcase the platform’s stellar track record in the cryptocurrency trading space, highlighting competitive benefits such as 24x7 customer support and military grade security. By creating a casual and entertaining experience for all audiences, Overbit aims to reach more demographics and geographical markets than ever before and ultimately boost cryptocurrency adoption.



Unlike any other traditional financial instrument, Bitcoin and Ethereum hold immense promise and potential in their respective domains. At the same time, these new paradigms can make trading and investing in them really daunting for newcomers.

Our latest sketches series aims to disprove the notion that cryptocurrency trading is complicated and out of every individual’s reach,” explains Overbit CEO Chieh Liu. Just like the Overbit trading platform, these sketches have been meticulously designed with all audiences in mind. To that end, they feature friendly visuals instead of extended bits of technical dialog.”

Overbit Sketches was in the peak of its production when COVID-19 hit the shores in mid-march. However, the team at Overbit soldiered on with the series of sketches to ensure that cheers will be brought to the traders and community.


Liu concluded, “With many among us still grappling with pandemic-induced lockdowns, we’ve put out all the stops in our sketches production budget in hopes of bringing back some positivity into the lives of this vibrant community. There indeed is light at the end of the tunnel.


The first sketch in this new series - available here - will highlight Overbit’s industry-leading digital asset security practices. It will also be accompanied by a behind the scenes highlight reel, which will offer an exclusive sneak peek into the team’s creative processes. Subsequent sketches will be released monthly across Overbit’s communication channels.


Overbit hopes that these series of sketches will go a long way towards generating hype in this space, while also establishing the brand as a safe and trusted entity in the minds of the public.

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