GreenBond Meter and Sumsub Partner to Save Native Forests by Securing Cryptocurrency Purchases

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  • 01.04.2021 03:49 pm

GreenBond Meter, an eco-friendly initiative that allows people to save native forests with the purchase of cryptocurrency, is partnering with Sumsub for KYC, KYB, crypto monitoring, and video verification. The companies are combining efforts to deliver easy, people-friendly, and safe customer verification for those who value environmental protection and lowering their carbon footprint.

GreenBond Meter aims to protect our biosphere through purchases of cryptocurrency. By purchasing GreenBond Meter Coin (GBM Coin), investors will be protecting 1m² of jungle and native forests. This project pursues to reach the sum of 100.000 hectares of protected land in ten countries in the five continents. GBM coin is based on real financial support, backed up by the natural capital of the preserved land. Possessing this cryptocurrency allows investors to oversee the preserved land and prevent its exploitation. Additionally, GBM investors will be granted access to a carbon credit (GBM Bond) which further showcases the coin-holder’s carbon footprint reduction.

GreenBond Meter has partnered with Sumsub to make sure that criminals don't take advantage of their environmental efforts. Sumsub’s solution provides easy, accurate, and secure verification of individuals and businesses, ensuring quick onboarding while providing sophisticated fraud defenses. Sumsub has also provided GreenBond Meter with industry-leading video identification technology as well as crypto monitoring for detecting risky buyers. Now, GreenBond Meter has dependable tools for reviewing suspicious cases—all backed up by legitimate reasons for account rejection. Plus, GreenBond Meter can save even more time since Sumsub automatically generates reports to regulators.

“GreenBond Meter Coin is our passion project that brings together the world of virtual currency and the environment. To run the project properly, we needed to make sure that our service is secure and friendly when it comes to user verification before the purchase of our crypto assets. For that, we chose Sumsub and are very happy with their solution. Our initiative has started protecting forests in Argentina, but soon plan to expand to other countries in the five continents to reach our goal of 1.000.000 hectares of protected land and we are feeling more confident doing so with the Sumsub’s support.”—Juan Nuñez, CEO at GreenBond Meter.

“We felt very inspired by GreenBond Meter’s efforts to link fintech and ecology. Dealing with crypto investments, it’s important to verify the purchaser very carefully and in accordance with local regulations to avoid noncompliance and related fines. We are happy to ensure GreenBond Meter’s compliance with worldwide verification guidelines, so that they can focus on protecting native forests and natural biodiversity.”—Jacob Sever, Founder of Sumsub.

About GreenBond Meter

GreenBond Meter is an initiative that helps ecological conservation and carbon offset with the purchase of crypto assets—GreenBond Meter Coins. The project was developed through the strategic alliance of two companies, Heimdall Technologies OÜ (Estonia) and Nideport S.A. (Uruguay). The GreenBond Meter team consists of over 50 experts in technology and finance across the world.

About Sumsub

Sumsub is an identity verification platform that provides an all-in-one technical and legal toolkit to cover KYC/KYB/AML needs. The company focuses on accelerated ID verification, digital fraud detection and compliance for over 200 markets. Sumsub employs top market technologies combined with legal expertise, and assistance with financial requirements (FCA, CySec, MAS, FINMA, BAFIN, etc). Clients include BlaBlaCar, Gett, ESL Gaming, JobToday, Wheely,, Decta, Exness, Bank Dobrobyt, HRS Group. In 2020, Sumsub entered an A funding round led by MetaQuotes.

Awards: Benzinga Global Fintech Awards 2018, The UK Startups 100 2020, PwC nomination for ‘The best use of tech award’.


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