Anticipating COSS Fire Swap (pre-ICO)

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  • 07.07.2017 11:30 am

Few days are remaining before the official pre-sale of the revenue-generating COSS tokens initiated by a Singaporean startup propelling the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies via its Crypto One Stop Solution platform, COSS for short.

Having soft-launched the COSS platform in April 2017, the company has turned to the next massive curve of development that will extend the current functionality of its product. Upon its launch in beta the COSS platform was confined to a wallet, an exchange platform, market cap rankings, API's, merchant listing and news. Later this year the company will enter the new developmental phase introducing smart contracts as a service and third-party applications such as B2B and P2P remittance, prepaid cards, enhances AML, digital signing of documents and certificates, social networking.

"In bringing together, at the same table, merchants (with the help of digital POS's) and consumers (with the help of debit cards), is a pioneer, one of a kind. This is what the measures for crypto-currency consumer adoption should look like. From this moment on COSS is poised to ride this wave, and execute it flawlessly and set the bar as high as possible,"- Stefan Neagu, blockchain technology advisor, Lisk country ambassador, co-founder of ARK.

According to Mike Costache, the member of the company’s advisory board, the Payment gateway / POS is one of the cornerstones of the platform’s functionality that helps COSS to stand out and boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies: “The key to long-tail usage of cryptocurrencies is at the POS level and COSS is positioned to be the preferred solution at the merchant level worldwide."

Since the very beginning COSS has been a totally self-funded project that aimed to facilitate the daily use of cryptocurrencies for the average people. The platform has been in operation only for a couple of months, but the feedback and response it has been receiving ever since is phenomenal. The company's Visionary and co-founder Rune Evensen shared: "1000 trading accounts and almost 150 merchants have embraced COSS in less than 100 days, that is nothing short of amazing to us, but what it shows is that we are filling in the blank space in the industry."

The response of the first customers inspired the COSS team to move forward with the concept, and elaborate a roadmap encompassing more features and services that will help to bring crypto to the masses.

“When I heard that the idea of COSS rendered a full result on the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Fintech course in 2016, it gave me the signal that I needed to investigate this further, and what I found was an idea that by its design will propel the cryptocurrency market,” - Peter Sundström, IT infrastructure expert and Disruptive Technology Advisor.

COSS did not rely on any external investments prior to and upon its launch, however it will soon embrace the possibilities of the Primary Business Funding in the form of initial coin offering, Token Swap (ICO) and the Fire Swap pre-sale of the COSS tokens. What the company aims to achieve with the upcoming Fire Swap (pre-ICO) and Token Swap (ICO) is to pursue the new curve of development providing investment opportunities to people who share the COSS vision and believe in the project's potential. Quoting Rune: "The team we have established for this project is way beyond the expectations of the most well-established companies".

The total amount of the tokens - 200,000,000 COSS, will be issued on September 20. The Fire Swap starting on July 10 (at 7 a.m. GMT) will release 25,000,000 COSS with a buy-in of 50ETH rewarding the early investors with a 25%-bonus. The offer will be available for a limited period of 72 hours unless the supply allocated for pre-ICO is sold out.

The principal application of the COSS token is sustaining the COSS DAO that will lead to self-governance of the platform in the future. The COSS token holders will receive revenues generated by a smart contract application from the payment gateway and the exchange transactions carried out within the COSS system. `the implementation of the new COSS features will enable the 50% revenue-sharing model among the token holders.

For further information about COSS Fire Swap (pre-ICO) and Token Swap (ICO) visit the official page:  

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