Paysend Joins Seedrs for Crowdfunding Campaign

  • Crowdfunding
  • 04.06.2019 08:32 am

Paysend is launching a crowdfunding campaign on

With over 750,000 existing customers using its products, Paysend is the next-generation payments platform and a pioneer in international card-to-card payments. The company's recently announced product - the Global Account leverages its deep knowledge in the sector, along with its battle-tested infrastructure to deliver a better way to interact with your money, wherever you are in the world.

Paysend has created a unique global network of payment systems, banks and local card schemes operating in more than 70 countries and is a Principal member of Mastercard, VISA and China Union Pay.

Those interested in joining Paysend’s crowdfunding campaign and helping build the future of money and global payments can pre-register here.

Registration only takes a couple of minutes and there is no commitment to invest at this stage. The campaign will officially launch on 05 June 2019.

Our customers are our success story and we want them to share the benefits of our growth. Paysend CEO Ronald Miller adds: “At Paysend we are proud to say that we design solutions to help customers manage their everyday money simply and smart. Crowdfunding is a great way to get our customers and anyone interested to become part of this great mission of creating money for the future'.

By becoming a Paysend investor you will gain exclusive benefits including a free Paysend Investor card and access to privileged information and partnerships!

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