linked2pay Deploys Online Card Underwriting for ISOs and Sponsor Banks

  • Credit Cards , IT Innovations
  • 21.03.2017 10:45 am

Today linked2pay announced the deployment of real-time delivery of merchant accounts to its Bank Centric Payments platform. Now, the company’s ISO and reseller partners can enroll with a participating sponsor bank to leverage a paperless, real-time process to register, underwrite and board their merchants for card processing. It also includes the ability to monitor and manage the ongoing risk of a portfolio by leveraging integrations with 3rd party business analytics service providers.

"As an ISO already on the platform, we have been waiting for this to go live. Now, when our merchants complete the registration and click submit, they immediately get a welcome email so they can login, access Live Help and start accepting payments. It even includes a simple process in the event a merchant gets declined that keeps me, as the ISO, in complete control of the process," according to Jim Malcolm of Veritas Payment Advisors.

This new enhancement of card sponsorship and real-time merchant account delivery is designed to make the platform a focal point for banks, ISOs and resellers in a more cohesive process. The linked2pay platform consolidates an array of options for accepting card (including real time payments), ACH (with same-day approval and delivery) and RDC payments via online forms, mobile, text, email, virtual terminal, phone (IVR), shopping cart checkout and Remote Deposit (RDC).

"This gives banks, ISOs and resellers everything they need to acquire a merchant - and instantly provides them with the seamless onboarding of a complete payment solutions platform. This unique enhancement means linked2pay partners can focus on delivering integrated payment solutions immediately, without the usual shuffling or chasing down of paperwork," says Chris McNulty, linked2pay board member.

As with any merchant account, those issued via the Bank Centric Payments platform can be utilized for any card brand approved payment acceptance, or processing purpose.

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