SumUp expands e-commerce product range to support businesses through COVID-19 lockdown and beyond

  • Covid-19 , E-Commerce , SaaS
  • 26.05.2020 11:06 am

UK-based payments service provider SumUp ( is launching today an online payment tool to help businesses adapt to ongoing social distancing measures.

SumUp’s latest solution is part of the company’s ongoing push into the online retail space, as part of a bigger drive to provide a complete toolkit for merchants. Following the March launch of SumUp Invoicing and Mobile Payments, this new addition means that merchants can showcase their products remotely, facilitating the making and taking of all payments for their businesses.


About the new Product

The SumUp Online Store is a SaaS product and comes with a multi-tiered model and subscription pricing.

  • SumUp Online Store (Starter) - a stripped-down, simplified version of an online store, allowing micro-businesses to showcase their products or services and take payments directly via social channels such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, upon individual request. Through an easy-to-access link, customers are directed to a product page containing: product details and images; the option to choose variants; add items to their cart; checkout; pay. The SumUp Online Store Starter Plan allows for tracking of all sales and a customer order history in a neat and tidy place. The service has no subscription charge, with a 2.5% fee per transaction. SumUp Online Store Starter is now available to merchants in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, and other European markets.


  • SumUp Online Store (Professional, Advanced & Premium) - Launching in June, SumUp’s premium store subscription options allow SMEs to quickly set up and design their own online store without any previous knowledge of web design or technology. The SumUp Online Store top tiers provide: customisable design themes; email and notification features; online payments; a product catalogue and management; customer management; marketing and social media integrations; sales reports; employee accounts; synching of products and inventories between ‘point of sale’ and the online store. Transaction fees range from 1.95% to 2.5%, with monthly subscription costs as low as 9 GBP.


SumUp co-founder Marc-Alexander Christ comments: “This expansion of our services is something that we feel confident will help our merchants continue to trade despite the COVID-19 lockdown, and further empower them in the running of their companies - both now, but also after the lockdowns. Different types of businesses depend on multiple methods to receive and make payments. By providing these new products, we can become the one-stop-shop for merchants with a growing business.”

“SumUp has already helped over 2 million users receive payments in the physical world with our card readers, but during this challenging time for small business owners, we can now make it easier to bring products online, whether on a smaller scale with SumUp Online Store Starter or by fully extending a physical store into the digital world with SumUp Online Store’s top tiers.”

The new services also incorporate the recently-launched SumUp Card. The card is powered by Mastercard and allows small businesses easier access to their funds, while giving them the ability to closely monitor their finances, and helping them to make essential business payments in a quick-and-easy manner.

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