SEON and Sun Finance to Explore How Consumer Risk Changed During the Pandemic in Emerging Markets

  • Covid-19 , Lending , Risk Management
  • 20.10.2020 11:29 am

SEON, the fraud fighters, is pleased to announce it has teamed up with Sun Finance, the fastest growing online lender in Europe, working with unbanked and underbanked customers, to explore the changes to consumer risk and how the digital lending industry has been forced to adapt during the pandemic. Taking place on Wednesday 28th October at 10am CET, the session will cover the current landscape of the digital lending industry and how it might change in the future.

Digital lending, and especially online loans have been incredibly successful for some time, but COVID-19 has changed many things about the way that we deal with money. Many people’s financial situations have changed and the way that we complete transactions has had to change too. Many lenders who were previously offline have now moved online to cope with the increased number of people who are doing more from home. Simultaneously, due to the uncertainty worldwide risk has increased, with microlending particularly affected.

It is with these issues in mind that SEON and Kaspars Magazniek, Fraud Prevention Manager at Sun Finance, will discuss:

  • The online lending market in general, including loan sizes, and targets, as well as upcoming challenges.
  • The shifts that have occurred because of COVID. For example, some big-name companies closing, and how we can adapt to the increased risk.
  • How alternative data can help to confirm identity in a way that the traditionally used methods cannot?
  • What the future of the online lending industry might hold.

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