Stop Document Sharing with Locklizard's Latest Document DRM Solutions

  • Corporate
  • 16.06.2021 06:30 pm

Digital information and document security specialists, Locklizard, have announced their latest document DRM solutions. These have been designed to prevent users from sharing documents and also allow access to documents to be disabled so that they can't be opened or accessed from unauthorised devices or locations.

At a time when remote working is increasingly dominating the way we all work, Locklizard’s latest security update delivers a necessary security step for an increasingly unpredictable digital world.

The flagship product, Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM, enables document owners to lock document use to specific locations. It can do this by automatically picking up the user’s IP and country location, or locations can be entered manually. This is achieved by binding location to encrypted licensing controls with transparent and secure key exchange. Unlike PDF password protection, there are no passwords for users to enter, so the system can't be cracked with password recovery tools and the authorized user is not able to share document keys or override the controls.

As well as being able to lock documents to locations, Safeguard Enterprise PDF DRM helps stop document sharing through the prevention of screenshots. There is also a remote file destruction feature that allows document owners to self-destruct their documents after a given date of their choice, or a number of views or days following the initial opening of a document by an authorized user.

Thanks to Locklizard's all-encompassing security-focused DRM solution, document owners can also instantly revoke access to documents if they contain errors or any information that should not have been shared. And documents can be tracked and logged to see when and where they are being used and by whom.

Steve Mathews, CEO of Locklizard, said: “Locklizard continues to innovate in the document DRM field, ensuring documents are always under control regardless of their location – even offline.”

Locklizard has been helping to protect intellectual property for document Publishers and confidential and sensitive documents for corporations since 2004. Their clientele spans a wide range of sectors, including government, publishing, finance, auditing and analytics.

For over 17 years, Locklizard has provided solutions to over 6,000,000 users across the document DRM and PDF security industries. They provide some of the most technologically advanced document security solutions on the market and their latest document DRM controls further establish them as a leading digital security company protecting IPR and stopping revenue loss. The new systems are set to be just as innovative and effective as their other solutions offered to clients over the decades. Pricing starts from $500 per month with fully hosted or on-premise systems available. Visit for more information.

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