Forex24 to Open R&D Center in Kyiv

  • Corporate
  • 25.05.2021 06:15 pm
Forex24, a well-established Cyprus Investment Firm, announced opening a new R&D center in Kyiv, Ukraine. The center will enable the company to create new technologies to support forex trading.
The company expects further development of mobile trading platforms, unique fund withdrawal solutions, and advanced customization features. As a result, the company will be joining a number of other companies globally, utilizing Kyiv’s ecosystem to drive innovation and growth. The new office will collaborate with different teams in order to utilize the company’s resources.
The centrally located R&D center will span around 10,000 square feet and is expected to provide employment for over 70 employees. The company chose the relevant location to have the ability to recruit from Kyiv’s pool of highly skilled talents and, therefore, enable faster growth and development with industry-leading products and solutions.

“We expect the coming years to bring thrilling innovations for forex trading, as the industry matures and more people are using to this type of trading,” said Georgios Ioannou, the appointed person to head the Research and Development at Forex24. “With our new R&D center, we believe we can be at the forefront of the innovation. We are looking to create new methodologies that will enable additional growth for the traders who use and have come to trust our services.”

The R&D center is just the latest action that Forex24 has taken. The company has previously provided an online affiliate program, training programs for traders, and hosted webinars to give its clients the edge they were missing. The company is looking into introducing new training programs through webinars, in order to enhance traders/clients’ experience in trading.
The withdrawal process will be one of the top priorities of the new R&D center. Currently, clients are experiencing a complex withdrawal process, leading to delays. By prioritizing the withdrawal process, Forex24 shows its clients its importance on clients’ experience, related to trading and handling clients’ inquiries and requests.
The company is looking toward introducing safer, more reliable trading environments, building relationships with local partners in Kyiv, and developing a global talent pool. 
Ukraine ranks 19th in Europe in the number of online facilities due to the fact that the industry is getting increasingly stronger in Ukraine. Entities like Forex24 have the ability to utilize the facilities, following the reforms introduced in 2019, which made it easier for Ukrainian citizens to assist the forex industry.

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