FIS Customer Experience Suite Delivers Digital Innovation

  • Core Banking
  • 02.12.2016 11:45 am

 FIS™, a global leader in financial technology, announced a significant new core banking technology innovation targeted for financial institutions. The FIS Customer Experience Suite transforms a bank’s customer-generated data by quantifying the value of each customer’s relationship. It then applies dynamic pricing and product bundling, and uses the bank’s own customer behavior data to predict needs and deliver targeted offers.

“Changing expectations and behaviors have altered the basic relationship between banks and their customers. In a world in which anywhere-anytime-any way is the new normal and personalization is a ubiquitous requirement, banks must evolve to deliver a true ‘market of one’ experience for the consumer and the small- and medium-business – creating the junction where banking and life meet,” said Rob Lee, chief product officer, Banking & Payments, FIS.

The FIS Customer Experience Suite stands out by using a financial institutions’ own data from their core processing environment. It optimizes and augments the data with other external sources, to strengthen engagement and loyalty with the digitally-minded consumer. This creates a 360-degree view of the customer in real time. The resulting analytics provide customer event-driven, relationship-oriented results – allowing financial institutions to anticipate major life events for customers when they are most open to assistance and presenting them with value-based offers.

Utilizing the latest in advanced analytics to identify Key Lifestyle IndicatorsTM (KLIs), the FIS Customer Experience Suite predicts when significant life events, such as buying a car, preparing to send a child to college or expanding a business, are likely to occur. These KLIs can be paired with dynamic pricing relationship models to generate banking recommendations appropriately customized to the individual.

That’s important because, as FIS’ 2016 PACE Index found, 70% of consumers expect a life event to occur in the next 36 months that will significantly impact their finances. Meanwhile, only 40-50% expect to turn to their primary financial institution for lending options. Deeper understanding of customers is a financial institution’s best weapon to combat those numbers.

“With customers demanding even more from their financial institution, they have been needing to generate more value from their core banking systems and grow the digital relationships with their customers,” said David Albertazzi, senior analyst, Aite Group. “The FIS Customer Experience Suite is the marriage of data, analytics and pricing that can deliver the bank into the digital future.”

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