FinTech Startup bridges banks and developers, securing $1.3m funding led by Connect Ventures

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  • 14.02.2017 10:15 am

Serial start-up offer ‘win-win’ solution, bank API platform to enhance financial innovation and prevent banks from getting left behind.

TrueLayer has revealed the private beta of its API platform that will link applications with banks and financial institutions. The platform supplies developers with an access to the bank data they need to build new apps and services. Financial providers and other regulated businesses will also be able to utilize the platform to drive their technology innovation.

TrueLayer aggregates and normalizes a wealth of financial data into a single platform alongside functionality that lets developers ask for the consent they will need to connect a customer’s bank information and transactions into their applications while maintaining compliance with industry regulation. In short, it gives developers everything they need to quickly and securely create disruptive new financial services including payment apps, online lenders, robot advisors, personal finance management and much more. TrueLayer’s APIs will make it possible to integrate financial services into any chosen platform or application, making access faster, easier and more efficient.

Under new rules set out by PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) and guidelines set out by the CMA in the UK, banks and financial institutions will, for the first time, be required to allow third parties to access customer data. Tied to this, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses to gain informed consent from consumers in order to use their personal data. The burden of connecting to each bank and of building the same consensual access components in every app will slow down new fintech startups, hindering much-needed customer-facing innovation.

TrueLayer removes this barrier by delivering a universal API so that developers can access data from every financial institution, in a simple format, from a single, secure gateway. Fintechs building the next generation of applications and financial services will be able to manage user consent and offer fine grained-permissions so that customers can be specific when allowing access to their banking and financial data. The API supports bank account verification, know your customer (KYC) processes, and account aggregation and also provides transactional data which can be used for credit scoring and risk management.

The company has been co-founded by serial entrepreneur, Francesco Simoneschi, who is also a partner of San Francisco-based VC firm, Mission Market. Francesco previously co-founded Staq, which was acquired by Upsight, and DomainsBot, which is part of the German group Sedo Holding Gmbh.

In 2016, TrueLayer closed a $1.3M funding round, led by Connect Ventures. Other venture capitalists and angel investors that contributed to the round included Graph Ventures, Tony Jamous and Eric Nadalin (co-founders of Nexmo, a leading cloud communication platform), and a number of others with banking and enterprise software background.

Francesco Simoneschi, CEO and co-founder of TrueLayer, said,“Consumer choice is shifting from banks to banking. Our vision is to create cloud infrastructure that will allow banks to connect with applications and make their services available to innovative startups that are keen to re-invent the customer experience. Ultimately, it’s also vital that the traditional banks open up their systems and become more agile – or they risk getting left behind – so the platform we offer is win-win.

“We want to enable a new ecosystem of financial services to flourish by bridging the divide between banks and developers. To date, financial innovation has been hindered by the industry’s reliance on legacy architecture and by the banks’ closed-door approach to technology and data. Although new regulations like PSD2 in Europe will help create a solution to this challenge, they don’t go far enough to drive real change. What is needed is true, open access, and the consistency that’s required to help developers benefit en masse. This is what TrueLayer brings to the market.”

Pietro Bezza, managing partner, Connect Ventures, said, “Technology is transforming banking – but so far we’ve only scratched the surface in terms of what’s possible. FinTech developers need the right tools in order to innovate and that’s what TrueLayer provides.

Francesco and team are simply a dream fit for our investment thesis: mission-driven and determined to solve hard problems at scale, obsessed by Product and User Experience, with strong domain insights. The vision to build the leading go-to banking API platform is highly compelling for the developer community and the banks themselves. We see great potential for TrueLayer both as an investment and for effecting change where it’s so desperately needed.” 





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