Strategic Investment Group Switches to Vermilion for Client Reporting

  • Compliance , Audit and Reporting
  • 25.10.2016 08:15 am

 Vermilion Software (‘Vermilion’), the leading global supplier of client reporting and communications software, announces that it has gone live with leading institutional investment outsourcer Strategic Investment Group (‘Strategic’).

Strategic Investment Group, a pioneer in dedicated Outsourced CIO (OCIO) solutions since 1987, offers a comprehensive service platform for managing customized portfolios for institutional and private investors. Strategic’s proprietary process combines active portfolio management, rigorous risk management and open architecture manager selection. Based in Arlington, Virginia, Strategic has approximately US$37 billion of assets under management.

Vermilion has now replaced all of Strategic’s client reports, standardizing their look and feel and automating the re-use of data to create a more efficient reporting solution.

“Our previous reporting system, developed internally, was no longer able to scale sufficiently to meet the demands of our growing client base,” said Joshua O’Brien, Director at Strategic. “Furthermore, our customized investment solutions present unique reporting challenges for Strategic and our clients. The Vermilion system allows us to express our ideas in a succinct and transparent fashion. The project has streamlined our client bespoke processes and reduced our operational risk.”

The partnership enables Strategic to automate the production of Strategic’s monthly and quarterly reports, which include portfolio performance and market values, risk analysis, in-depth asset class positioning and market commentary.

“We particularly liked Vermilion’s workflow capability and the continually updated dashboards with which to monitor progress,” said Justin Scher, CTO, Strategic. “Throughout the implementation, dedicated Vermilion specialists worked alongside our team in Virginia. Their team’s knowledge of the Vermilion Reporting Suite and their ability to meet our need for a customized product was particularly impressive.”

The OCIO market is an untapped opportunity, according to Ben McCormack, SVP Head of Region, Americas at Vermilion Software Inc. “Strategic appears to be ahead of the curve in using an automated system to create consolidated reports for its clients.”

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