EBA Launches Second Impact Assessment Of IFRS 9 On EU Banks

  • Compliance
  • 25.11.2016 06:30 am
The European Banking Authority (EBA) launched today a second impact assessment of IFRS 9, which builds on the results of its first exercise published on 10 November 2016.  The EBA expects that institutions will be able to provide more detailed and accurate insights into their implementation of IFRS 9 as the information provided by the respondents in the first exercise reflected the early stage of implementation. 
The new exercise builds on the objectives of the first impact assessment, namely the estimated impact of IFRS 9 on regulatory own funds, the interaction between IFRS 9 and other prudential requirements and the implementation issues relating to IFRS 9. The sample of banks participating in this exercise is of approximately 50 institutions across the EU and is very similar to the previous one. In addition, this exercise includes questions focused on specific aspects around the main topics covered in the first impact assessment. 

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