Vmware Announces Improvements in Rapidly Bringing New Revenue Streams Online

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  • 24.01.2017 12:45 pm
  • Digital workspaces enable businesses to rapidly introduce new revenue streams and improve workforce satisfaction
  • Perceived barriers to adoption include security and investment yet executives reveal digital workspaces can in fact address compliance and security risks, and deliver ROI

VMware, Inc., a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, today reveals that over half of EMEA businesses (51 percent) that have successfully executed digital workspace initiatives saw improvements in their ability to more rapidly bring new revenue streams online. The global VMware State of the Digital Workspace Report, which surveyed 1,200 business and IT decision makers, practitioners and influencers, revealed that 57 percent of those who have transformed their digital workspaces saw improvements to mobile workforce effectiveness, 54 percent in user satisfaction with IT and 47 percent to security of devices, desktops and applications. 

Almost half (49 percent) of IT and business decision makers in EMEA saw improvements in total management costs after successfully executing on digital workspace efforts, while 52 percent realized overall cost improvements. This return on investment was driven by a combination of factors, the most prominent of which were: faster release of applications (34 percent), increased security of desktops and mobility devices (29 percent), and increased end-user effectiveness (28 percent).

“As we enter 2017, the industry is moving into the next phase of enterprise mobility where businesses have to deliver access to applications and resources of all types to end-users, customers and partners using any connected device,” said Ian Evans, vice president, End-User Computing EMEA, VMware. “The State of the Digital Workspace Report shows that business and IT leaders recognise the tangible benefits digital workspaces can offer to an organisation. The guiding principle of consumer simple and enterprise secure applied to VMware’s digital workspace solution, VMware Workspace™ ONE™, delivers a simple and secure platform that can help customers in any industry with their digital transformation journey.”

With digital transformation a priority for many, there is a smaller gap between the potential of digital workspaces and what businesses achieved since last year. Despite this, business decision makers are still finding certain factors that are affecting digital workspace implementation. The top perceived barrier to adoption in EMEA was security concerns (43 percent), followed by the issues of budget (38 percent) and required skills needed to support implementation (25 percent).

The study, however, reveals that nearly half of those in EMEA (46 percent) view a digital workspaces as a way to address compliance and security risks. As well as security and compliance tools, the top technologies EMEA leaders viewed as necessary elements for digital workspaces included mobile device management software (38 percent) and workspace management software (35 percent). Identity management software was high up on the list of with financial services leaders in particular, with 37 percent identifying it as a necessary element.

Julien Zamora, Head of Marketing and Sales at Essilor France comments, “Mobility has enabled us to transform business processes. Our team can now spend less time at the office since they have the tools to work on-the-go. This remote access has increased employee productivity and also positions us as innovative market leaders to our clients.”

“Using the mobility solutions we could reduce our operational costs per application by 75 percent. For us and our customers this provides a huge cost saving – we also greatly reduce user incidents, from 2100/months to 210/months which is 10 times better than before. This allows the IT teams to reduce the support time and focus more on innovation”, says Kai Löebig, Head of Workplace Infrastructure Management Services, Deutsche Bahn AG.

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