Tieto Teams up with WalkMe to Provide Better User Experience

  • Cloud
  • 05.04.2017 08:00 am

Tieto has strategically partnered with WalkMe, enabling Tieto to resell the cloud-based WalkMe digital adoption platform and related consulting services to customers across the Nordic countries.  It intends to help customers renew user experience, increase productivity and reduce support and training related operational costs.

WalkMe, a San Francisco based company, provides a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that simplifies user experience and drives user action using insights, engagement and guidance capabilities. Today WalkMe’s platform is used by over 1,000 enterprise customers and thousands of SMBs from various industries and verticals, including more than 30% of Fortune 500 companies.  

Tieto will include the WalkMe platform in the company´s growing ecosystem of cloud borne applications such as Salesforce and Workday, ranging from HR to finance, sales and procurement solutions. Tieto also applies the solution on its own recently implemented HR system, Workday, since the beginning of 2017.

"WalkMe´s solution enhances user experience and increases usability while saving time and resources. This technology combined with our deep industry knowledge and cloud born enterprise application offerings will help our customers to accelerate and renew their business," says Robert Kaup, Head of Cloud Born Enterprise Applications at Tieto.

"WalkMe is committed from day one to provide our partners with all of the training, tools and technology solutions they need to be successful," said WalkMe VP, Uval Daniel. "As such, we are excited to partner with an industry leader like Tieto. With its industry leadership and outstanding reliability credentials Tieto will be a great partner as they continue to capture the growing demand for rapid and effective onboarding and supporting Cloud Solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors, Workday and Salesforce."

WalkMe can be leveraged to both existing and new systems and acts as a guide by giving step-by-step instructions on where to move and how to proceed. Individual processes are built in to the solution, which means that there is no need for process descriptions or user guides that traditionally are buried in company intra pages. WalkMe can also be utilised in customer service web pages, adding efficiency and enhancing customer experience.

WalkMe works also as a powerful change management tool: users can master processes in new systems from their first try and without any training efforts or manuals. This promotes user adoption and works against change resistance, while enhancing employee engagement.

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