Talent Alpha Named Best HR Tech Startup in the World at UNLEASH Conference 2019 in Paris

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  • 23.10.2019 11:58 am

Talent Alpha – a technology startup from Poland - has won the Startup Award Grand Prix at the UNLEASH World Conference in Paris. The company addresses the global tech talent gap by opening up access to IT specialists working in small & medium-sized IT Services Providers. Today up to 700,000 IT professionals can be unleashed onto the global talent market thanks to Talent Alpha’s Human Cloud Platform.

Talent Alpha has won the final competition for startups on the main stage of UNLEASH World – the largest conference on the Future of Work and HR Technology. ‘The Epicenter of the Workforce Revolution’ conference had over 4500 attendees, 250 speakers, 200 exhibitors, and 100 startups and it was the culmination of all of the UNLEASH conferences and startup competitions that took place around the world in 2019. Winning this award at the conference means that the company has been recognized by the best of the best in the HR Universe. The award's last four winners all secured multi million Euro funding within months of winning the UNLEASH Competition.

This year's winner -Talent Alpha - has created a Human Cloud Platform that uses Talent Science to precisely match Tech Teams with Enterprise Clients. With the tech talent gap in the US standing at approximately a million, and half million in Europe, Talent Alpha's solution is set to revolutionize the global IT services sector.

‘We are uncovering a new source of top Tech Talent for companies struggling to fill their IT talent gap. In CEE alone, there are 700,000 specialists employed in 25,000 small and medium-sized IT companies. These software houses are very interested in cooperating with international clients who would provide new, interesting and diverse projects for their teams along with decent profit margins,’ comments Przemek Berendt, Founder and CEO of Talent Alpha. “With the tech talent gap in the US standing at approximately a million and half a million in Europe, Talent Alpha's solution is set to revolutionize the global IT services sector,’ he adds.

Talent Alpha’s modern technology platform, leverages Talent Science as well as AI/Machine Learning to enable the selection of the best talent for a specific client’s project requirement from an existing inventory of Tech Talent, on demand. Talent Alpha analyzes both the hard and soft skills specialists so that their full potential can be unlocked for both the team and the specific project's benefit. Developers are provided with insights about their strengths and will receive ongoing feedback regarding their work as well as advice for further growth.

‘Our mission is to unleash talent. We do this for individuals, teams, enterprises, local communities, clients and the world. I’m very happy that we have been recognized at the UNLEASH Conference. It’s no coincidence, because Talent Alpha is exactly what this event has been talking about – the future of work, innovation and the power of people!” summarizes Przemek Berendt.



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