SIS Global introduces its unique IP to the UK

  • Cloud
  • 08.08.2018 08:20 am

Systems integration and software provider SIS Global is to expand into the UK market, bringing its transformational, innovative cloud solutions to a new audience.

As well as providing market-leading expertise in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, this will enable companies in the country to take advantage of its unique IP offerings, which are particularly aimed at firms in sectors including real estate, financial services, asset management and smart cities.

Keith Dunkinson, UK Managing Director at SIS Global, says: "There's nothing in the UK market at the moment that really meets the needs of today's smart businesses. With more firms highly concerned about being more climate and environmentally-friendly, our unique IP offering gives them the tools they need.

"Our technology takes data from a huge range of Internet of Things devices and helps firms manage it much more easily. Whether it's reducing power and water consumption or predictive maintenance that keeps businesses up and running, we're bringing something new and exciting to the UK market that firms need now more than ever."

Founded 27 years ago and headquartered in Mauritius, SIS Global is a privately-owned business with a passion for technology and delivering transformational solutions to its customers.

Robert Hawley, founder and CEO of SIS Global, explains: "We deliver a personal touch and partnership to companies. We want to go through the complete journey with them. We have a reputation of 'making it happen', which means travelling the full road with the customer and delivering the outcomes they were promised. It's about being a true trusted partner."

SIS Global is about more than just its unique IP, as it is backed up by the passion and expertise of its highly-skilled team, as well as a global network of partners.

Gary Vincent, Sales Director at SIS Global, says: "Our people are the most important part of our business. We're also investors in people. We bring a lot of young talent through and empower them to make informed decisions based on their knowledge, expertise and commitment."

This comes at a hugely exciting time for the ERP market, as more companies seek to expand beyond legacy solutions and embrace cloud functionality.

SIS Global is a cloud-first business that does not have the baggage of having to support legacy systems, which offers a huge opportunity to help customers transform their business.

Robert says: "The cloud allows us to deliver our IP to any markets worldwide, and the UK is a major one. We're bringing our key philosophy, which is delivering specialist projects with a strong service orientation and high quality. We can do this because we're privately owned and can focus on quality with staff that believe and can take ownership of their projects."

SIS Global's cloud-based nature allows it to be much more agile in how it delivers its solutions to customers.

Gary explains: "We're born in the cloud in the UK. This model enables us to drive innovation, not just in software, but in the delivery as well. That's the exciting thing for me, after 17 years of being in a very traditional business, we're not looking at that traditional model."

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