Red Hat Releases State of Enterprise Open Source Research Report

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  • 03.03.2021 09:28 am

Red Hat announced the results of its third annual State of Enterprise Open Source research report, after surveying 1,250 IT leaders to provide insights on the use of open source in enterprises.

The survey results highlight how and where organisations are using enterprise open source, the impact of COVID-19, mindsets about enterprise open source and hybrid cloud, as well as he motivations for future adoption.

The top-line findings include:

  • The importance of open source: 90% of respondents surveyed are using enterprise open source today – top use cases: IT infrastructure modernization (64%), application development (54%), and digital transformation (53%).
  • Open source is viewed as more secure than proprietary software: 87% see enterprise open source as “more secure” or “as secure” as proprietary software, while 84% indicate that enterprise open source “is a key part of their organisation's security strategy.
  • Increased use in digital transformation projects: 54% say that digital transformation is an important use of enterprise open source, a number that’s climbed 11 points over the past two years.
  • Container adoption is widespread: just under 50% of respondents worldwide use containers in production to at least some degree and an additional 37% use containers for development only.
  • Contribution matters:  83% of respondents say they were more likely to select a software vendor that contributes to the open source community.

You can view the report here.

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