MoneySuperMarket selects SOASTA to Continue Journey Towards DPM

  • Cloud
  • 22.02.2017 08:45 am

SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics, today reported that MoneySuperMarket Group (MSMG), the UK’s largest price comparison site, has applied CloudTest and mPulse solutions across its online service brands.

The decision is a strategic move to consolidate and enhance their load and performance programme. It includes iconic brands such as and The step to standardize on the SOASTA platform reflects the growing importance of Digital Performance Management (DPM). As well as, it was enabled and driven by the work, analysis, and advice undertaken by Ten10, an independent testing consultancy.

In light of a growing and continuous stream of traffic to the various MSMG sites, it is clear that a common load and performance management platform would deliver greater efficiencies and economies of scale. It will also provide deeper insights into the user journey and customer experience. The challenge lays in finding a platform that could be scaled easily, be rapidly deployed, and also deliver detailed analytics and insights to support the business objectives. Given the highly competitive nature of the sector, MSMG recognized that the performance of their own comparison sites was a key differentiator in sustaining its high standard of service and instrumental in driving future growth.

During the evaluation period, SOASTA and Ten10 provided a highly flexible and timely service that enabled MSMG to see the true business value that SOASTA’s platform delivers. With a wide and varied set of customers, deploying CloudTest and mPulse has enabled MSMG to build performance tests that accurately measure and monitor thousands of concurrent users across all their sites.

MSMG’s technology vision is built around optimizing across all platforms, all users, and all devices. We were able to draw on our relationship with SOASTA to negotiate a package that delivered a robust and scalable DPM platform within budget and timeframes. 


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