Mirriad and Xstream Deploy Aspera High-Speed Transfer in the Cloud

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  • 09.09.2015 01:00 am

IBM (NYSE:IBM) today announced that Aspera, an IBM Company, continued the momentum in its cloud offerings with the addition of two new customers, advertising technology creator Mirriad, and OTT and TV Everywhere solutions provider Xstream.


With headquarters in London, UK, and offices around the world, Mirriad works with leading brands, content owners and distributors in over 20 countries, delivering native ads seamlessly embedded within premium video content, including TV shows, movies and music videos.

Mirriad deployed Aspera faspex(TM) On Demand to streamline file exchange between customers and business partners around the world. For Mirriad's numerous clients in Asia and Latin America, where poor connections are common, Aspera's ability to perform even over the worst network conditions was particularly important. Mirriad is now able to send and receive high-resolution media assets across global distances quickly, reliably and securely, regardless of file size, the distance between Mirriad's clients and the cloud infrastructure, or the conditions of the network.

Mirriad also selected Aspera Cargo to enable the automatic download of media files upon receipt, saving time and easing collaboration between geographically dispersed teams. Today, Mirriad receives on average 20 to 100GB, with peaks upwards of 200GB, of large media assets directly to their cloud storage using Aspera On Demand. The tight integration of Aspera FASP and the underlying object storage APIs ensures the fastest speeds while adding transfer management features such as pause, resume, and encryption at rest.

"The Aspera solution enhances our services with media transfer speeds up to five times faster than legacy solutions. FTP and other legacy technologies had poor performance over the WAN and difficulty handling large file sizes for us," said Tim Harris, VP of engineering at Mirriad. "Decreasing overall project turnaround time is allowing us to meet the increasing demand for branded entertainment and native advertising in premium high-quality video content."


Copenhagen-based Xstream is the creator of end-to-end solutions for OTT and TV Everywhere business models. Xstream's video management system, Xstream MediaMaker(TM) is a modular and easy to use cloud-based service that enables telcos, cable operators, broadcasters and media companies to create, deliver and monetize OTT and TV Everywhere solutions.

Though the company initially focused on providing services for its Nordic customers, Xstream rapidly expanded to global markets and was met with a growing need for fast and easy collaboration with clients and partners around the world.

Xstream's customers license tens of thousands of titles from studios and depend on Xstream to retrieve video files from content owners and deliver them into customers' systems for streaming. Aspera On Demand enables Xstream to ingest large volumes of high-end content from studios, distributors and content owners into Xstream's video processing workflows for packaging, content protection and CDN delivery. The subscription-based model enables Xstream to scale up resources as needed to meet growing demand, without large upfront infrastructure costs.

Xstream embedded Aspera's FASP high-speed transfer technology into the MediaMaker Loading Dock service, part of Xstream MediaMaker(TM). Studios, supply chain partners and customers upload video files by simply dropping content into watch folders, triggering an automatic upload directly to Xstream's data center hosted in the cloud. Xstream customers benefit from reduced time spent on the content supply chain, and faster time to market.

"Aspera is a well-known solution in the video industry, which is one of the main reasons we selected the solution. We use Aspera daily and it greatly improves the speed and reliability of our file uploads. The results have exceeded our expectations," said Brynhild Vinskei, CMO at Xstream.

"Continued demand for cloud-based media services and technologies is encouraging media companies throughout EMEA and beyond to seek new cloud-ready solutions for file transfer and collaboration. By reducing transfer times, Aspera empowers companies to provide the quality and timely service their valued customers deserve," said Bruce Brewer, head of sales at Aspera for EMEA.

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