IX Reach announces a partnership with KevlinX for Internet Exchange and connectivity solutions

  • Cloud , Data
  • 15.05.2020 02:27 pm

 IX Reach, a BSO company, leading global provider of cloud services, connectivity solutions and remote peering and KevlinX a technologically innovative provider of large scale, Tier III data centres in the key growth markets in Europe, announce a new and dynamic partnership. This partnership will enable KevlinX's wholesale, cloud and enterprise customers direct access to the full range of IX Reach's connectivity solutions. KevlinX's customers and partners will now be able to build reliable, secure and resilient connections across the globe and to extend private network connections to cloud providers, SaaS services, Internet Exchanges and other enterprises from KevlinX's data centre Campus deployments.

The initial implementation sees IX Reach, a BSO company connecting into the new 68MW KevlinX Campus in Brussels. The first phase of which will be ready for service in early Q4 2021.

KevlinX was founded by a team of experienced Data Centre executives with the goal to provide high-performance data services to none FLAP capital cities. KevlinX will serve these markets by building high quality, environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient facilities. KevlinX is committed to providing industry-leading connectivity solutions for its wholesale and enterprise customers and is pleased to be partnering with IX Reach for the provision of high-quality communications solutions.

Key Points

  • The KevlinX data centre campus in Brussels will have the highest standards of connectivity, security and availability.
  • KevlinX is committed to building energy-efficient, sustainable, green data centres.
  • Brussels is a critical market in the heart of the European Union.
  • IX Reach, a BSO company has over 240 POP's in 84 cities in 31 countries.
  • IX Reach, a BSO company has more than 50 IXP providers and over 30 Cloud on ramps.


Barro Luitjes, Chief Executive Officer at KevlinX, commented,

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with BSO IX Reach for our data centre campus in Brussels and future locations, and others that we will be building in the key development markets in Europe. BSO IX Reach has a proven track record in delivering high-quality communications solutions for its customers and both parties are excited about this important partnership”

Stephen Wilcox, Chief Product Officer at IX Reach, a BSO company said,

“Expanding our presence in Brussels with our partner KevlinX, shows we are building robust, secure and reliable interconnection bridges across the continent. We see Brussels as an important growth market and are pleased to be developing new business opportunities with KevlinX as it serves its customers there and beyond”

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