CLX Communications and Waterfall Upgrades Mobile Messaging via Google Early Access Program

  • Cloud , IT Innovations
  • 24.02.2017 09:15 am

CLX Communications, Cloud-based communications provider and cloud mobile marketing platform, Waterfall, have declared a partnership with Google to provide the next generation of messaging services. The service will aim to brand marketers using Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard included directly into consumers' native messaging apps.  

The collaboration is part of Google's Early Access Program (EAP) announced today and debuting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. The program will enable brands to reach customers in new and dynamic "mobile app-like" ways directly within Android smartphones' native messaging service. It will provide features including suggested replies and actions, dynamic rich media, and company branding. 

With 27 carriers and device manufacturers committed to launching RCS to Android users with Google, the Early Access Program is the first progression towards making RCS messaging universally available worldwide. CLX and Waterfall are striving to provide enterprises access to the growing global RCS user base, enabling feature-rich communication with consumers that use Android and other handsets that support RCS now and in the future.

Through the EAP, CLX and Waterfall will enable enterprises to build with the technology, influence the roadmap, and be the first to offer customers an upgraded messaging experience. Marketers can use RCS Business Messaging to engage with customers, grow subscribers, and drive transactions without leaving the native messaging app.

The rising popularity of OTT messaging apps confirms the demand for a messaging option more powerful and seamless than currently available natively. The new messaging service serves as an alternative to apps by giving brands similar features directly in the messaging environment without the need to build an app audience.

As the first software cloud enabling RCS for enterprises and brand marketers, Waterfall will create a single point of contact for marketers to broadcast messages to their entire mobile subscriber base. The solution made possible by Waterfall and CLX automatically identifies consumers with RCS-enabled handsets and optimizes the content to deliver the best messages to its respective audiences.



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