Cloud9 Technologies Teams with Sphere to Convert Institutional Voice Data into Electronic Data Feeds

  • Cloud , Data
  • 27.05.2021 08:40 am

Cloud9 Technologies ("Cloud9"), a leader in cloud-based communications, has partnered with Sphere, the industry’s first unified electronic and voice data app, to empower institutional traders to seamlessly convert Cloud9 voice communications into real-time electronic pricing that can be shared across the entire organization. The integration leverages Cloud9’s existing Recording System API to push metadata and post-call voice recording into Sphere’s one-of-a-kind app, giving institutional traders a more comprehensive view of the market.

By combining Cloud9’s rich metadata, high voice quality, cloud architecture, and API delivery strategy with Sphere’s ability to distil meaning and data from unstructured speech and text, and merge extracted data with electronic pricing, customers are given unique insights and new trading options that were never before possible - in one holistic application. 

Sphere extracts trading information from Cloud9’s voice data by applying industry-leading AI (patent pending) that is tailored for the language and workflows of voice markets and merges this with electronic trading. Sphere’s IM integration also enables clients to extract market data from text communications and monitor and record voice and IM feeds for analytical and compliance purposes.

“There’s no shortage of market data but firms have been struggling with efficient ways to turn voice and electronic data into actionable insights in a single platform,” said Brian Hunt, Chief Administrative Office and Head of Partnerships at Cloud9. “The integration of Cloud9’s voice data with Sphere’s sophisticated application delivers a level of transparency and simplicity that institutional traders have needed for quite some time.”

“For a long time there has been a disparity between the way that institutional traders approach voice versus electronic trading. We wanted to change that,” said Ami Katschinski, CEO and co-founder of Sphere.The collaboration of Sphere and Cloud9 takes the best in voice data and incorporates it into a solution that addresses this pain point, enabling customers to see and interact with the entirety of the market in one easy app for the first time.” 

The flexibility and interoperability that the partnership delivers ensure that the integrated solution can be deployed to customers within minutes.


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