BroadSoft Team-One: More than 100 Channel Partners Participate in Trials Worlwide

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  • 11.04.2017 08:15 am

Today BroadSoft, Inc., a world market leader in cloud business software for unified communication, collaboration and contact center reported that more than 100 channel partners, serving millions of business customers across the world, are in trials with BroadSoft Team-One

The inability of today's siloed and often expensive business applications to integrate with one another is causing collaboration tool overload, and is a key reason why the typical worker spends nearly 20% of their week just searching for and gathering information. In November 2016, BroadSoft endeavored to solve this market challenge. This resulted in the launch of Team-One, a powerful team collaboration and personal productivity solution that places all the tasks, files, messages and notes a business user needs in one place, along with video conferencing, click-to-call, screen sharing and integrations with popular business apps. 

In just a few months since its launch, the BroadSoft Team-One app has separated itself from stand-alone enterprise messaging and group chat applications with an integrated and affordable solution service providers can quickly take to market, along with an extensive set of capabilities, including:

  • Built-in Contextual Intelligence (CI) & bots - Team-One's CI enhances one-to-one communications by searching a user's cloud applications for the documents, messages, and content relevant to the conversation or meeting they're having.
  • Telephony and UC integration - Team-One integrates persistent team workspaces with click-to-call, HD instant video conferencing and screen sharing available through the BroadSoft Business UC-One application across any device.
  • Task and Project Management - Team-One enables users to have the ability to create, assign and track tasks for each project to simplify the workflow process.  
  • Personal Productivity - Team-One's workspace model gives users personal productivity tools that few other messaging-based app features, including: daily digests, task summaries, email and calendar integration, and the ability to tag anything and search everything.

"We were extremely excited to collaborate with BroadSoft in adding Team-One to our portfolio. Our reseller partners have deployed The Voice Factory solutions in more than 21 countries and with the addition of a European-based data center, Team-One is now perfectly positioned as a great addition to our BroadSoft Business product portfolio," said Paul Harrison, Managing Director of The Voice Factory, a service provider headquartered in the United Kingdom. 

"As BroadSoft has introduced Team-One to channel partners and businesses, it has become clear that the modern workforce wants a single unified communications workspace that integrates everything workers need at their fingertips," said Taher Behbehani, chief digital and marketing officer, BroadSoft. "Our value proposition is resonating because we are enhancing productivity by bringing people, conversations and content together in one place to achieve more."

Team-One is part of BroadSoft Business, a fully integrated portfolio of enterprise-ready cloud, unified communications, team collaboration and contact center applications, delivered in the cloud. BroadSoft Business can scale to all market segments, and includes three core applications: UC-One, Team-One, CC-One, with BroadSoft Hub providing contextual intelligence across the entire platform so users can access the information and apps they need in one place.

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