BVB launches the tablet app

  • 27.08.2014 01:00 am

BVB has just launched a tablet app, available for all the investors and stakeholders. They can view on  their tablets an overview of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) market. The new app is available free of charge at Google Play and Apple Store, at the following links:
Bucharest Stock Exchange app for tablet provides the investors with up to date information including: 
- market activity, 
- companies information and news (including reports and financial information published by the  issuers and available on the News section of each issuer),
- BVB communiques,
- indexes,
- prices of listed securities including shares, bonds, rights, closed-end funds, ETFs, structured  products,
- statistics (top 25 by trading data on markets operated by BVB), 
- full screen lists with detailed trading information, including the possibility of selections by  criteria like variation of prices, volume of trading, turnover, 
- graphics, 
- watchlist possibility for simultaneous viewing of detailed information for the selected tool,
- list of exchange members etc. 
The tablet app is available in Romanian and English and it is easy to navigate, offers quick access to  menu functions, charting and many other facilities. 
Launching of the tablet app reflects continuation of BVB’s actions to adapt its business to new technologies. It gives investors posibility to access the BVB market information from anywhere and at anytime. Bucharest Stock Exchange app for tablet is a view only tool which will make investors more connected to the market.
In the first months since the launch of the app for smartphones, it has been downloaded by almost 4,000 users.

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