EON as a Particular Case of Transactional Business and Regulations

EON blockchain is a hybrid system without any bottlenecks. It is safe, resilient, flexible, scalable with speed of client-server solutions. Due to all these features it can be applied in many industries and solve several problems. Three case studies listed further are representative. Read more »

Blockchain Startup Launches Libra Crypto Office

Libra, the premier provider of accounting, audit, and tax software for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, today announced the launch of Libra Crypto Office, an enterprise application that automates and optimizes back and middle office processes and reporting for funds, market makers, and exchanges.  Libra also announced two premier customers, leading trader and liquidity provider XBTO and ShapeShift, a blockchain asset exchange platform. Read more »

Olympus Labs Launches Pre-ICO Bringing A New Financial Ecosystem to the Blockchain World

As blockchain and cryptocurrency companies continue to raise millions of dollars in funding, there's an urgent need in the market for companies and investors to be able to better manage its cryptocurrency assets with hedging products and tools. Olympus Labs believes that by offering financial tools and protocol, crypto- based companies and investors will be able to have more control by protecting their downside risk in an otherwise extremely... more Read more »

Announcing The Go-to Platform for Hand-picked Blockchain Talent

This week sees the official launch of — the world’s first blockchain talent agency that enables organisations worldwide to hire high-end, experienced blockchain freelancers, from coders to marketers, and pay both their fee and the freelancers themselves in bitcoin via Moneo’s secure, escrowed payments platform. Read more »

Nasdaq to Deliver Blockchain e-Voting Solution to Strate

Nasdaq and Strate (Pty) Ltd, the South African CSD, announced today an agreement for Nasdaq to deliver a new blockchain solution that would bring electronic voting to the South African capital markets. The solution will allow Strate, in conjunction with key stakeholders in the market, to provide general meeting services and give shareholders an easy, user-friendly and secure tool for voting remotely. Read more »

Achain Starts Blockchain Literacy Campaign in China

Achain yesterday announced to partner with DACA and Tsinghua iCenter in their co-organized "Blockchain Technology Open Course".  The Beijing-based Blockchain project team recently launched their community-based blockchain literacy campaign, having just collaborated last week with Android Studio Chinese Community Forum to make leading-edge technology resources accessible to amateur developers. The partnership involves an offer of scholarships to... more Read more »

Veridium Partners Blockchain Outfit Wala to Target Africa

Veridium, a leader in strong authentication using biometrics announced today its partnership with Wala, a South African-based, blockchain-powered financial services platform for the unbanked and underbanked, to bring universal and affordable financial services to emerging countries in Africa.  Currently, nearly 3.5B people worldwide are excluded from the financial system. Veridium and Wala will collaborate on a pilot program in sub-Saharan... more Read more »

Metavine’s Crowd Machine Unveils Their Vision For The Next Evolution of Blockchain

Craig Sproule, a veteran developer, and the Metavine Lab responsible for the highly sophisticated Metavine Genesis™ product, have today unveiled a prototype for the next evolution of blockchain and the creation of fully decentralized applications called  Read more »

EON Testnet Was Successfully Updated

Exscudo is happy to announce the beginning of Stage One of EON blockchain testing! Testnet is the early version of EON, flexible new generation blockchain created by Exscudo. When EON blockchain testnet was launched on October,4 the functionality available for the public testing was limited. Only the peers run by Exscudo developers were accepted by the net. Users could launch the peer, make transactions but the blocks they generated did not... more Read more »

Financial services firms unable to innovate as technologists lack boardroom influence, warn IT leaders in new report

Technology departments in financial services firms are unable to innovate with technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain because they have lost influence in boardrooms, according to leading Information Technology (IT) executives working in the financial sector.  Read more »

Modex unleashes Blockchain App store for Smart Contracts

Modex CEO Mihai IVASCU will welcome guest speaker Miko Matsumura tonight at the "Blockchain Unleashed" event, at Rocket Space, where pioneering ICO investors, leading multinationals and visionaries will debate how distributed technology promises to disrupt and change the world as we know it. Read more »

EY Collaborates with SAP to Continue Advancement of Blockchain Deployment Across Industries Worldwide

EY today announces that it is working together with SAP to further advance deployment of blockchain across industries worldwide. Under their existing alliance relationship, the organizations are collaborating to integrate blockchain applications and services with the SAP® Leonardo digital innovation system to help accelerate enterprises' implementation of blockchain across their business operations. Read more »

Blockchain Outfit Zilliqa forms Partners with FBG Capital

Zilliqa, a high-speed blockchain platform from researchers at the National University of Singapore, has today announced a strategic partnership with FBG Capital, one of the world’s leading digital asset management firms.  The firm will be investing into the project and Zhuo Shuoji, founding partner of FBG and a veteran cryptocurrency trader, will be joining Zilliqa as an advisor to help guide commercial and financial industry adoption of the new... more Read more »

An International Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will Take Place in Slovenia

December 12, Slovenia to host a conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain involving business, government and public organizations. Among the invited speakers: Read more »

Steve Wozniak Announces Incredible Potential of Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

More voices in favor of bitcoin: co-founder of Apple and Prime Minister of Slovenia talk about cryptocurrency    Read more »


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