WISeKey Announces Blockchain Centre of Excellence in India

  • Blockchain
  • 20.06.2017 09:00 am

WISeKey International Holding Ltd, a leading global cybersecurity company, today announced the launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Centre of Excellence based out of India to support its global projects.

WISeKey India, a Joint Venture established by WISeKey in late 2016 with leading Indian entrepreneurs to deploy its IoT and cybersecurity platform to the Indian Market, appointed Bikramaditya Singhal as Head of the AI and Blockchain practice in India. Mr. Singhalis a researcher, trainer and consultant with over 8 years of industry related experience. Previously he worked extensively on Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI for many years and is the author of "Spark for Data Science," a book that focuses on the integration of data science algorithms and techniques with the fast and scalable computing features of Spark to address big data challenges. Mr. Singhal is also writing a book on Blockchain analysis by providing in-depth technical understanding of how Blockchain works, so anyone can jump-start on their Blockchain initiative. He also has an active interest on Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine communication using Blockchain and AI.

Prior to joining WISeKey India, Mr. Singhal was with Microsoft, Broadridge, Tech Mahindra and Chelsio Communications, and is a co-founder of Mund Consulting, a company that focused on Big Data analytics and AI. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Eastern Academy of Science & Technology, Bhubaneswar, India.

WISeKey India will be working in expanding the reach of WISeKey AI project WISeAI –integrating the WISeKey Indian Root of Trust and IoT embedded devices with problem-solving AI solution into WISeKey’s Vertical Platform.

While IoT remains wildly insecure, thanks to the integrated solution operated by the WISeKey Vertical Platform, IoT devices would be able to organize themselves into trusted networks based on mutual authentication, identity and integrity. This trusted cybersecurity platform will only enable IoT devices which can provide a recognized identity and a valid integrity report to communicate with peer devices that are part of the trusted community.

Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey said “WISeKey has embarked on a journey to make Blockchain secure using the Cryptographic security standards, integrated with AI at the application and chip level. Our effort to establish these standards and deploy cybersecurity platforms in India is a significant step in that direction.”

Adding AI at the chip level together with the WISeKey RoT it will allow the IoT to provide authenticated sensor data. Current IoT data do not provide value for their manufacturers unless it can be converted into actionable, contextualized information generated by IoT sensors fully identifiable. The majority of IoT devices are not built with embedded secured systems thus are very vulnerable. By integrating AI into the WISeKey RoT and Vertical Platform, objects can develop their own cybersecurity behaviour, thus making smarter and safer decisions. IoT objects with this technology will learn from attacks, defend them and transfer this intelligence via the WISeKey Vertical Platform to other IoT objects peer to peer using a Blockchain.

“We are thrilled to have Bikram join our team as we believe that talent for Blockchain is critical to our journey. We are currently working on two major projects in India: the WISeFarmer, a partnership with Indian Potash Limited established to create a Cybersecurity/IoT platform and an ecosystem connecting 140 million farmers and 200 companies using WISeKey Digital Identities, and WISeLight, a partnership with Bajaj Electricals established to create over 100 million digital identities for consumer and industrial products. Bikram’s expertise in the field of Blockchain, AI and IoT will be very valuable to our team as we continue our expansion in India” added Amit Kumar, Managing Director of WISeKey India Joint Venture.

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