TemTum Launches World’s Fastest Payment Mobile Wallet on iOS and Android

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  • 17.01.2020 11:38 am

TemTum (temtum.com), the quantum-secure, ultra-fast, carbon-neutral cryptocurrency network, today announced the launch of its iOS and Android mobile wallet application. The TemTum network allows any internet-connected device to conduct transactions, including phones, drones, watches, and cars. With the TemTum mobile wallet application and keyboard payment functionality, anyone can manage their TemTum cryptocurrency with industry-leading security and simplicity. TemTum was independently tested and audited by BSI (British Standards Institution) Cybersecurity and Information Resilience. 

Unlike most cryptocurrency wallets, the temtum mobile wallet application allows for seamless transactions across all devices. The TemTum wallet works similar to a bank account in that it is both a repository for currencies and a mechanism for completing transactions. It differs from a bank account in that transactions are completed within 12 seconds, compared to 1-2 business days in traditional banking. And with TemTum, every transaction is confirmed by a decentralized network. 

In addition to the launch of its Android and iOS mobile wallets, TemTum’s keyboard payment functionality allows anyone to send TemTum via any mobile messaging application, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. This patent-pending functionality will initially only be available on the Android app.

Users can download a customized, third-party keyboard as part of the TemTum mobile wallet application and then send crypto without opening a separate app or converting funds. The temtum web wallet, mobile wallet application, and keyboard all use the TemTum API to apply the same industry-leading security standards, ensuring data integrity between transactions.

“Cryptocurrencies only have the potential to change the world if people can use them safely and easily,” said Richard Dennis, Founder and CEO of TemTum. “TemTum’s mobile wallet applications and keyboard payments make it simple for anyone to securely send temtum from their phones in seconds, realizing the vision that the blockchain technology industry has held for years but never truly executed upon.” 

The TemTum network was designed as a new architecture built from the ground up to run on any connected device, giving temtum the potential to transform the way that value is exchanged and stored. TemTum can be used on a standalone basis from wallet to wallet, or integrated into payment systems worldwide using a simple QR code. To download the TemTum mobile wallet, please visit https://temtum.com/wallets.

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