The Streak Continues: KICKICO Tokens Land on Leading Bitcoin Exchange

The Streak Continues: KICKICO Tokens Land on Leading Bitcoin Exchange
19.10.2017 10:40 am

The Streak Continues: KICKICO Tokens Land on Leading Bitcoin Exchange

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Just one month after shattering its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) goal and successfully thwarting hackers, blockchain startup KICKICO’s  streak continues with the October 22 launch of its KICK Tokens on the HitBTC exchange.

It’s a move that crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for ever since the fully launched 3-in-1 blockchain ICO crowdfunding and crowd investing platform closed its ICO on Sept. 16. KICKICO raised $12 million in ETH within just two hours of its ICO launch, and had collected an astronomical 84,000 ETH by the time its campaign ended.

HitBTC’s inclusion of the KICK Tokens on its exchange reflects the growing demand for the new cryptocurrency. On October 1, the Ethereum-based exchange EtherDelta began trading KICK Tokens. On October 15, the leading Russian crypto exchange EXMO as well started to trade KICKICO’s token.  According to Coin Market Cap, the price of a KICK Token was over $0.21 with KICK Token standing at the 77th place among all cryptocurrencies.

Although more than 10,324 backers participated in the startup’s ICO, the inclusion of KICK Tokens on HitBTC will give those who did not participate an avenue for purchasing the tokens. Those who purchased tokens during ICO have the chance to hold onto their tokens in light of this increased demand.

“Ever since our ICO ended, I’ve been asked over and over when our tokens would be listed on exchanges,” said KICKICO CEO Anti Danilevski: “I’m thrilled to see our tokens listed on HitBTC, which shares the core values of the KICKICO community: user-friendliness, accessibility and security.”

Since its launch in 2014, HitBTC has quickly built a reputation as the world’s most advanced bitcoin exchange. The site accepts deposits in more than two dozen currencies—including leading digital tokens like KICK Tokens, as well as dollars, euros and other global fiat currencies.

KICKICO, meanwhile, has quickly built its own reputation as a visionary in crypto investing. Its community is home to investors, authors and blockchain enthusiasts who see KICK Tokens as a high-value potential cryptocurrency with universal applications and an unmatched level of transparency.

“By backing KICKICO, you’re rewriting the future of blockchain and saying ‘yes’ to new ideas that transform our world,” Danilevski said. The visionary earlier predicted that the platform’s ICO would usher in “the future of cryptocurrency funding.”

Unlike other platforms, KICKICO has a unique reserve system that ensures project backers receive both project tokens and Kick Tokens—regardless of whether the project reaches its funding goal. The community-centric platform also gives KICK Token holders the power to vote for which projects can fundraise on KICKICO.

KICKICO recently finalized a partnership with Bancor that allows its KICK Tokens to be exchanged with any ERC-20 tokens.  Its currency will probably soon be traded on other major exchanges including Bitrex and Poloniex, and RBC Games will also begin accepting KICK Tokens on its platform in the nearest future.

On the author side, more than 20 new projects are submitted daily to KICKICO for consideration. Spanning from education to fintech and even “traditional” business sectors, these projects are affirming KICKICO’s core vision: a fraud-free ecosystem where cryptocurrency benefits everyone in the crypto community. 

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