Smart Loyalty App Wins ABN Amro ‘Beyond Banking’ Hackathon

  • Blockchain , Infrastructure
  • 14.06.2017 10:00 am

ABN AMRO yesterday selected Monnei as Most Valuable Prototype from an exceptionally strong group of 41 participant teams. 

Monnei is an app that makes it easier for users to start investing by allowing them to do so in a group, supported by personalised news. The Make An Impact team gained high praise, winning a Social Impact Award for its data model which improves treatment for children with T-cell leukemia and helps saves lives. The jury awarded the blockchain application Material Passport for being the most technologically sophisticated entry, and the audience award went to LoYo, an ingenious loyalty programme that does not require a separate card.

ABN AMRO Beyond Banking Days

On Friday 9 June, Frederieke Hegger (RTLZ news station) and Thomas van Groningen (BNR news radio) opened the three-day fintech event in SugarCity. Day 1 was devoted to a series of keynote speeches on a diversity of themes. Jason Bates, founder of Monzo (a challenger bank in the UK), summed up the day accurately: only 1% of banking services are digitised. Two hundred hackers then immersed themselves in the hackathon. Of the 100 team submissions, 41 teams were selected to work 48 hours non-stop, from Friday to Sunday, on devising future banking solutions. Michel van Drie, jury chair and Managing Director of IT Solutions at ABN AMRO, declared the event a huge success and said he was looking forward to the next Beyond Banking Days.

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