EZ365 to Launch World’s First Blockchain Ecosystem Combining Digital Asset Trading, iGaming and Blockchain Education

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  • 09.08.2019 06:52 am

EZ365 today announced its plan to launch the world’s first blockchain-based ecosystem that combines a digital asset exchange, a cryptocurrency casino and a blockchain education portal. 

EZ365 is comprised of three integrated and complementary platforms: 

  • EZ Exchange – a digital asset trading platform with stock market-grade security, choice of trading interfaces tailored to users’ cryptocurrency trading experience, real-time fiat currency integration, and live customer support.
  • EZ Win – a blockchain-based casino gaming, sports and e-sports (iGaming) betting platform which will provide players with provably fair odds and the ability to use a stablecoin and other digital assets to play.
  • EZ Academy – an educational platform that offers learning tools and community support to enhance understanding of blockchain, digital assets and trading.

EZ365 will remove the barriers to owning digital assets. By providing industry leading customer support, security, and ease-of-use, EZ365 will make it easy for users to play, trade, and learn in a secure environment.


EZ365 digital asset trading, iGaming and blockchain education platform.“The real magic of EZ365 is the approach we are taking to unleash the vast potential of the blockchain iGaming industry and the cryptocurrency world. We are doing this by bringing together a digital asset exchange and cryptocurrency casino that share the same exceptional user experience and support, along with fiat and credit card integration,” said Russell Korus, CEO of EZ365. “By eliminating the challenges typical of cryptocurrency exchanges in use today -- such as complexity, poor user experience, and lack of customer support -- we will break down the barriers to mass adoption.” 

Version 1.0 of the exchange will launch in mid-September 2019. At launch, EZ Exchange will offer BTC, ETH and XLM, with plans to roll out additional coins on an ongoing basis. Through seamless integration with payment gateways, users will be able to easily fund their account in fiat by credit card.  

Version 2.0 of the trading platform will launch eight weeks following, with additional coins and features. Coins added to the platform as part of this version will include: LTC, XRP, BCH, ETC and others. EZ Exchange also intends to provide users the ability to fund their account through wire transfer and withdraw funds by credit card and wire transfer. 

EZ Win, which will launch in Q1 2020, will offer a wide range of sports for users to bet on, including but not limited to football (soccer), American football, rugby, tennis, UFC, boxing, cricket, baseball, golf, and basketball. Players will be able to wager with Bitcoin directly on the site, or they can purchase Bitcoin with fiat on EZ Exchange.  

Building an ecosystem that meets global security standards

The team behind EZ365 includes leaders in blockchain development, and experts in network and security infrastructure for global capital and derivatives markets. The team brings the same rigor and methodology of established financial market security to the EZ365 ecosystem, including server redundancy, fault tolerance and high availability systems, extensive hacker testing, and Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. EZ Exchange will hold 95 percent of funds in cold storage, with the remaining five percent of funds fully protected.

EZ Exchange has begun implementing the ISO 27001 certification process, aiming to become one of the world’s first cryptocurrency exchanges to attain this rigorous international standard that has been widely adopted by traditional stock markets and financial institutions.

EZ365 intends to issue its EZ365 ERC20 token, which will provide holders with benefits including a discount on trading and subscription fees on EZ Exchange, staked free play rewards and credits on EZ Win, and access to premium resources on EZ Academy. The EZ365 utility token will be sold during the company’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), which will launch on September 5, 2019. EZ365 intends to make available the option to convert from the EZ365 utility token to a security token in Q1 2020.

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