COSS.IO to host BlockCon - Disruptive Innovation conference in Romania

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  • 18.05.2017 10:45 am

BlockCon - Disruptive Innovation conference will take place in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, on June 8. The conference organized by a Singapore-based startup company C.O.S.S. PTE LTD (COSS for short) in association of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will focus on disruptive technologies highlighting their application in fintech and the innovative businesses.


The conference will bring together an extraordinary group of international speakers who will share their valuable knowledge on the emerging trends of the fintech and the cryptocurrency-driven markets. It will also be the first time when COSS CEO Rune Evensen will present his company in Europe, since the platform has been officially launched a month ago. 

The program of the conference will include three sessions with speakers' presentations, panel discussions and networking allowing for bilateral communication and exchange of opinions. The conference aims to address the topics ranging  from the blockchain and the cryptocurrency technologies to fintech innovations, cryptocurrency mass adoption, acceptance, regulations, business, investments, and Crypto One Stop Solution. The speakers also come from various fields within the industry including not only IT (Under Development Office) and fintech (COSS, ARK.IO, Cardblue, CoinPip, Intrepid Ventures), but also energy (Eva Energy), consulting (Exulto) and trade (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Romania - Israel).

A conference of such scale is organized by COSS.IO for the first time, and therefore symbolizes an important milestone for the company, that is now very busy with finalising the second developmental phase of the COSS platform.  


Blockcon - Disruptive Innovation will take place at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, one of the country's most influential associative organizations focused on the welfare of the business environment, economic development, trade and innovations. 

"Hosting a conference of this scale together with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce is a huge task for us, but we love challenges, and we are confident that it will be a huge success," -  COSS CEO Rune Evensen

Romania is a very fast growing economy within EU and a very attractive place for international companies looking for an outsource. The combination of factors, e.g. well-educated, talented and entrepreneural youth, relatively low wages, fast internet and cheap operational costs has turned the country's capital Bucharest into a center for home-grown and international tech startups. COSS is one of the examples, with one of its branches and the dev team residing in Bucharest.    

Andrei Popescu, CXO at COSS, and Romanian by origin, shared his thoughts on the BlockCon venue:

"Here I see huge potential for the new FinTech trends as this is a new emerging market; and initiating something like a FinTech Association in Romania will be a great help in bringing together all the tech and FinTech savvy entrepreneurs with great visionary ideas".

Romanians have proven to be great consumers of the new technology, eager to understand it and to be on short leg with it. This partially explains why so many companies, who joined the COSS platform as merchants are based in Romania.


The Conference is organized in association with a number of  internationally recognized partners: Romania - Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIRI), a non-governmental public utility promoting the economic cooperation between Romania and Israel; Exulto Consulting, an international management consulting firm supporting the growing markets; ACCESS, the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in multiple industries located in Singapore; Singapore Fintech Association, a cross-industry non-profitable initiative, facilitating collaboration between the market participants and the stakeholders in the FinTech ecosystem; Under Development Office, a full stack software development company based in Romania; media partners: GoanaDupaBitcoin - the only news media in Romania covering bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market; Financial IT, a digital magazine providing the news coverage on the border of between IT and finance;, CoinIdol, Gazeta de Sud.


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