Comfortable with Crypto - Zumo £100k Crypto Rewards Programme Brings 12,000 New Ccustomers to the Crypto Ecosystem

  • Blockchain
  • 06.10.2021 03:30 pm

One month on from the launch of its ‘Refer & Share’ programme, crypto wallet and payments platform Zumo has announced that it helped more than 12,000 new customers take their first steps in crypto with free Bitcoin SV (BSV) rewards.

In total, the platform has given away £100,000 in cryptocurrency rewards this summer through its £10,000 prize draw and refer a friend programme. The prize draw gave £10,000 in BSV to one lucky Zumo user, while the follow-up refer and share programme awarded 0.04 BSV (approx £4) to any existing customers who referred a friend to try Zumo, and to all new customers downloading the app with a referral code. With an estimated 2.3 million adults in the UK already holding cryptocurrencies, and the UK counted as the leading European country for crypto activity, it’s hoped the campaign will continue to help a new generation of customers get comfortable with crypto and be able to discover the potential benefits of cryptocurrencies for themselves.

Nottinghamshire local Chris and his wife Joy were winners of the prize giveaway, exemplifying the wave of new entrants familiarising themselves with crypto. Chris says:

“I’ve been actively investing in crypto for the last 6 months. It all started as a game between four friends - we each invested £500 and the challenge was to see who could make the most money and who lost the most money over a 3-month period. We each had an idea how to succeed. In the beginning, we were buying and selling all types of crypto, making and losing money along the way and paying a lot in transfer fees etc. But as time moved on, the four of us realised it’s not a game anymore: crypto is the future and needs to be taken seriously.”

“Zumo is a breath of fresh air, and realistically I had already decided that crypto was a long-term investment so it makes sense to invest with a customer-focused company like Zumo. I look at my winnings as part of a long term investment plan ... I'm getting on a bit now in life and I’m looking forward to retiring to that tropical oasis with nice weather, white sands and turquoise sea!”

Amelie Arras, Zumo Marketing Director, commented: “Very well done to Chris, Joy, and everyone who’s got involved over the past few months. It’s great to see people taking the first step in their crypto journeys and, hopefully, seeing a positive impact in their lives in the long run. We wanted to give people a low-barrier, zero-risk introduction to the world of cryptocurrency, and we hope we’ve delivered on that mission. To anyone thinking about getting started in crypto: we’re here to help.”

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