BCS Technology as a 'Representative Vendor' in Gartner's Market Guide for Blockchain Consulting and Proof-of-Concept Development Services

  • Blockchain , Consultancy
  • 09.04.2018 09:38 am

BCS Technology, a leading provider of Blockchain consulting and implementation services, today announced that it has been identified as a representative vendor in the Gartner "Market Guide for Blockchain Consulting and Proof-of-Concept Development Services," report based on their provision of strategic advice, creation of Proof-of-Concept's, and helping clients take Proof-of-Concept's into pilot or production. 

According to Gartner, "Most buying organizations are in the very early stages of discovery and experimentation around blockchain, with the aim of proving the viability of its use in their businesses. As a result, blockchain consultancy services continue to largely serve the early phases of the project lifecycle."

BCS Technology delivers blockchain POC's and projects that focus on the identification of new business streams and improvements, adoption of best practices and assessment of feasibility evaluations to determine best long-term value return for the client.

"A combination of our experienced team of consultants and our blockchain accelerator tools allow our clients to explore the adoption of blockchain rapidly. Several of our clients have already seen the potential and benefits of blockchain to disrupt the market or improve their business processes," said Richard Parhusip, Commercial Director of BCS Technology.

"Several of our clients in the Aviation, Travel, Loyalty, Banking and Construction space are already engaged on several Proof-of-Concept projects and in the coming months will transition to pilot or production".


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