Babel Finance: The Move from Traditional Assets to Crypto

  • Bitcoins , Cryptocurrencies
  • 08.04.2022 11:02 am

George Liu from Babel Finance's Singapore office believes that as the Ukraine crisis drags on, the looming uncertainty will force investors to seek assets that might assist in mitigating sovereign risk, in particular Bitcoin. George Liu, The head of derivative at Babel Finance, is confident that Bitcoin will continue to go north as demand rises and supply falls as it becomes more mainstream in 2022, with some corrections expected.

Apart from the Ukraine crisis, technical advancement and celebrity support also greatly influence the mainstreaming of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies among investors. Liquidity difficulties during the Covid pandemic are also a reason for concerned investors to seek new avenues for higher-yield investments. At any rate, crypto will continue to rise, as seen in Q1 2022. The Luna Foundation Guard recently acquired $1 billion worth of Bitcoin, causing cryptocurrency prices to rise.

The Babel finance crypto team is noticing an increased interest in its tailored crypto-asset financial products with traditional finance features for institutional and HNWI investors. George Liu anticipates that more varied products, such as ETFs and mutual funds, and crypto asset management, will embrace the new wave of opportunities in the future.

"In a world that is rapidly going digital, the shift to trading via crypto tokens is likely to be unstoppable. While the Fed's tightening of liquidity will have some impact on asset prices, the surging crypto dollar will bring a higher floor for bitcoin. Given the global macro environment will remain accommodative, continuing investment in Bitcoin, in general, will still be preferred by institutional investors", George Liu said.

As Babel Finance's financial services arm serves its clients' needs and growing interest in crypto in the region, a shift from traditional assets to crypto is more evident than ever. Current political events, war, and macro factors will increase the demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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