Zopa Widens Marketplace Offering by Launching Broadband Switching and Comparison Service

  • Banking , Online Banking
  • 01.09.2021 10:25 am
  • The latest launch is a further development on its partnership with Decision Tech following the successful rollout of its energy switching service
  • The widening of Zopa’s marketplace offering shows its commitment to helping people get the most out of their money
  • On average, people could save £276* by switching internet providers

Neobank Zopa has today launched a broadband comparison and switching service within its app. Free to use for anyone with the Zopa app, the new service will be offered alongside Zopa’s existing energy switching service, making it possible for customers to find even more of the best money-saving deals on the market.

As many people continue to work flexibly, heavily relying on broadband for both work and entertainment is now the norm and Brits are cautious when it comes to switching providers. A recent Which? survey** highlighted that one in five people said they’d never switched providers because they hadn’t been able to find a better deal. With internet speeds, reliability and price all to consider, it's understandable that switching takes time and consideration. However, MoneySuperMarket data has revealed that people could save £276* just by switching internet providers.

Zopa is now making it easier to find the right deal by launching a broadband comparison and switching service in its app. The tool enables app users to view internet speeds and prices all in one place in order to find the best deal for them in three minutes. This is the second partnership rollout between Decision Tech and Zopa, following the successful introduction of the energy switching service in the Zopa app earlier this year.

Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer at Zopa said: “At Zopa, we want to help people improve their finances. Reducing monthly bills not only helps to save money but can also improve your credit score by increasing your disposable income. That’s why we have introduced money-saving services like Broadband switching in our app.  We hope this will help customers to spend just minutes comparing deals to find the best value for them” 

Anyone can use Zopa’s comparison switching service simply by downloading the Zopa app. The broadband switching service sits alongside a host of other free services within the Zopa app all built to help people improve their financial health. App users can also find Zopa’s energy switching service and its unique credit health tool Borrowing Power that gives users tangible ways to improve their credit score and find better Zopa loan rates. Since Borrowing Power was launched, more than 30% of customers have progressed their score. Other products from Zopa can also be found in the app, including its innovative credit card and personal loans product.

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