What Banks and Fintechs Should Know About Payments in the Metaverse

  • Banking
  • 27.03.2023 11:15 am

People spend $54 billion every year on purchasing virtual goods in what they know as the metaverse. What do they mean? Is there going to be just one metaverse or many? And why are financial institutions around the world exploring different ways to establish themselves in this new value chain?

The metaverse is expected to become a lucrative source of revenue and an innovation hub for financial institutions. With this new report from OpenWay, a top-ranked digital banking and payments provider, you will:

• Learn about the different kinds of metaverses
• Discover the role of payments and cryptocurrency in the meta-economy
• Find out what metaverse strategies financial institutions are adopting
• Get the big picture on first-mover advantages, risks, unknowns, and potential pitfalls 

Link to the report: https://www.openwaygroup.com/payments-in-the-metaverse-study-by-openway

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