Self-Service Banking Asia 2020 – transforming growth challenges into opportunities

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  • 20.12.2019 07:16 am

RBR’s Self-Service Banking Asia conference will be hosted in Vietnam for the first time in 2020. The region’s leading conference on self-service and digital banking, taking place in March, will address the most important issues facing the industry today.

Southeast Asia – where banking races to keep pace with demand

With large portions of the population still reliant on cash, many countries in Southeast Asia are still experiencing rapid growth in ATM numbers, bringing banking services to the unbanked, particularly in rural areas. The region is also home to many innovative industry players who are adding state-of-the-art functionalities to ATMs such as biometrics, recycling and cardless cash withdrawal. Digital self-service banking solutions are also evolving quickly, as fintechs race to capitalise on growing consumer demand.

Innovative, creative solutions for access to cash and payment services

These latest technologies and solutions will be discussed by banks and industry experts at RBR’s Self-Service Banking Asia 2020 conference in Vietnam in March. Building on the success of other recent RBR conferences in Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta, the 2020 edition in Ho Chi Minh City promises to shine a direct spotlight on self-service, digital and branch banking. RBR’s Managing Director, Dominic Hirsch comments: “Hosting our flagship Asia conference in Vietnam for the first time presents a unique opportunity for local and international banking executives to come together to discuss ideas and technologies that will allow them to better serve customers of today and tomorrow”.

Self-service banking in Vietnam

With ATM growth stalling in India and even declining in China, Vietnam is emerging as one most dynamic and interesting markets for self-service banking across the region. What are the key factors that make Vietnam such an attractive location?    

  • Large unbanked population: 69% of adults in Vietnam – or 50 million people, aged 15 and over – still rely on cash. Financial inclusion measures over the last few years have been designed to expand cash and banking services to rural areas to bring this significant number of people into the banking system
  • One of the fastest-growing economies in the world: Spurred on by economic and political reforms launched in 1986, Vietnam has enjoyed years of robust growth and macroeconomic stability. The country’s geographical position near global supply chains coupled with a fast-growing consumer market and a competitive young labour market, have all driven rapid development over the past few years.
  • Fintech: The government and the State Bank of Vietnam are focusing on digital payments as a quick and effective way of bringing financial services to the unbanked. With a youthful population, high smartphone penetration and rapidly growing e-commerce sector, Vietnam is establishing itself as a hub of fintech innovation attracting investment from all over the world.

Speaker agenda and exhibition provides huge learning opportunity

A busy speaker agenda will provide the platform for banks and industry players to discuss the region’s hot topics and learn from each other. Thought leaders from institutions such as Bank Indonesia, CIBC, Intesa Sanpaolo, Bank Muamalat, soCash and Krungsri Finnovate will be giving their expert opinions on the region’s innovations. Running parallel to the world-class speaker agenda is a dynamic exhibition area, showcasing the latest self-service banking technology from leading international suppliers.

Unique conference atmosphere

The event’s organisers are expecting over 350 delegates from Asia and further afield. Emily Beeby, the Conference Manager noted: “There is already a real buzz about the conference; banks from all over the region will be attending the event and making the most of this unique opportunity to learn from each other and explore first-hand the latest technology. Exhibition booths are selling quickly so if any companies want to get involved, they should contact me as soon as possible”.

Self-Service Banking Asia 2020 is taking place at the Windsor Plaza Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from 18th to 19th March 2020. 

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