Fabrick at Money20/20: Embedded Finance Shapes The Evolution of The Relationship Between Companies and End Customers

  • Banking
  • 06.06.2022 12:00 pm

Fabrick, a leading player in Open Finance returns to Amsterdam as a participant at Money20/20, the international flagship event for the evolution of financial services, which will host the world's most important players from 7th to 9th June.

Four years ago, in 2018 at Money20/20 in Amsterdam Fabrick’s Open Finance platform was first presented to the market, sharing its pioneering vision for an open platform project, with the mission of fostering collaboration and simplifying innovation for banks, fintech and corporations. The Open Finance platform has since helped support its clients through the profound change taking place. Today, with a team of 400 people, hundreds of clients and more than 1,400 APIs, Fabrick presents some of its embedded finance solutions, which are already in use and that reflect the evolution and concrete solutions that have made the company a leading player internationally.

Thanks to the connection of over 700 European banks and the orchestration of open banking and open payments services, Fabrick’s solutions allow businesses from any sector to co-create financial services and integrate them into their offerings in order to design bespoke customer experiences and new business models.

Based on Fabrick’s ability to interpret market changes and its operational management, UnipolPay has chosen to work with Fabrick on the development of its innovative payment solutions, to bring concrete benefits to the end customer and to strengthen the customer relationship through a holistic offer that adds value. Following this new partnership, Leonardo Rubattu - CEO of UnipolPay - will join Fabrick CEO and co-founder Paolo Zaccardi, on 8th June at 11.40 am CET at the Plantarium Stage, RAI, in a discussion about the evolution of embedded finance in Europe moderated by Louise Maynard-Atem, Head of Data Insights at GBG.

Leonardo Rubattu, CEO of UnipolPay: "In continuity with the objectives of Unipol Group's new three-year strategic plan, UnipolPay aims to offer not only the Group's customers but also the market, distinctive and advantageous payment solutions, exploiting first and foremost synergies with Unipol's innovative mobility, welfare and property services. After examining multiple solutions at the international level, UnipolPay identified Fabrick as the ideal partner for its B2C strategy, starting with integrations on digital payment touchpoints".

Paolo Zaccardi, CEO and co-founder of Fabrick: "Open finance and open platform are now widely recognised concepts in the market: what makes the difference is the ability to execute concrete projects. Companies like UnipolPay choose us because they recognise Fabrick’s ability to read the market’s constant developments and to respond quickly to seize the opportunities of embedded finance. Starting from the end customer's needs, we implement and evolve solutions that guarantee them a smooth and personalised experience. This is an approach that we apply in many areas: from payments to credit to investments. We continue to look to the future because we know that the revolution has just begun. The embedded finance solutions of our platform model enable us to fully seize the benefits of data generated by both customers and businesses and harness its potential, which is decisive in the evolution of financial services".

At Money 20/20 we will showcase two embedded finance solutions. Payment and Collection Engine is a digital payment management platform that offers customers, manufacturers or retailers the broadest possible set of electronic payment acceptance tools. Thanks to centralised management, the platform simplifies and automates the payment process and its reconciliation with corporate systems.  Payment Orchestra™ is a global payment gateway aggregator, which optimises the payment infrastructure by orchestrating different payments on a single platform. Both solutions are realised in collaboration with Axerve, a Fabrick ecosystem company specialising in payment acceptance across all channels, both physical and digital.

In addition, at Fabrick's stand D100, on 7 June from 4 pm CET, Alessandro Hatami - Managing Partner of Pacemakers.io and moderator of Money20/20 - will present his book ‘Reinventing Banking and Finance’ - according to Investopedia, part of the Forbes group in the United States. The focus will be on Italy and the emerging initiatives that Fabrick is enabling. Also speaking with Paolo Zaccardi will be Javier Lipúzcoa, Head of Digital Banking Italia at BBVA, who will demonstrate how an incumbent bank has used the open finance model, banking-as-a-service, to enter new markets.

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