Cardtronics Takes Over Management of Triodos Bank’s ATM Network

Cardtronics Takes Over Management of Triodos Bank’s ATM Network
20.08.2020 03:25 pm

Cardtronics Takes Over Management of Triodos Bank’s ATM Network


Cardtronics, the world’s largest ATM owner/operator today announced it has taken over the management of Triodos Bank’s ATM network to provide the bank with a cost-effective way to maintain cash access for its customers. 

The outsourcing agreement between Triodos Bank and Cardtronics, which came into effect this month, sees the bank hand over responsibility for the maintenance and management of its ATM estate to Cardtronics. The agreement shows how forward-thinking banks like Triodos are increasingly moving toward ATM outsourcing to focus resources on value-added activities for their customers. Triodos’ customers will benefit from the enhanced service availability derived from the relationship with the global ATM leader. Triodos customers will also benefit from access to the Cardtronics network of over 1,000 ATMs across the country.

“Access to cash remains vital for so many Spanish citizens,” said Marc Terry, International Managing Director for Cardtronics. “This agreement with Triodos Bank will mean its customers will benefit from easier access to cash through our network of ATM machines across the country. The bank has trusted us with the outsourced management of its Spanish estate, leaving it free to focus on those activities that add real value for their customer base.”

Mikel García-Prieto, Triodos Bank Managing Director, said: “We chose Cardtronics because of its global expertise and strength in Spain. Access to cash is very important for our customers and us. Through this partnership, we can be sure that our ATMs are being managed in the best possible way, and our customers are getting access to their money at over 1,000 more ATMs.” 

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