The Unitec Institute of Technology Deploys Real Asset Management's Solution

  • Asset Management
  • 30.11.2016 06:45 am

The Unitec Institute of Technology, based in Auckland, has selected Real Asset Management's solution to improve the quality of asset information and tracking procedures at its campuses. With many different departments and buildings, the institute identified the need to ensure that information could be communicated quickly and effectively across all areas of the organisation.

Unitec is the largest institute of technology in New Zealand and currently has over 20,000 people enrolled on its extensive range of courses and study programmes. It provides a world class learning and teaching environment, driven towards delivering its students the platform they need to achieve success and provides extra services to help pupils find post graduation employment.

Before implementing RAM's asset tracking software, the institute had a number of processes in place to manage the information. Kristo Fallas, Business Manager at Unitec explains, "Each department treats assets in a unique way, which has led to the creation of multiple systems tailored to very specific requirements. This has resulted in an information silo and meant that crucial details were not always available when required. The new software will collate and centralise all of this data into a common structure and will ensure that each department can access what it needs.

"We wanted a solution that was intuitive, simple to implement and use, cloud-based and scalable," Fallas continued. "RAM's software met all of the criteria that we outlined and the system will allow us to consolidate data into a single source. The first phase of the project was to establish a verified asset register for all classrooms. The mobile app has made this a simple process and has been extremely easy to implement on both iOS and Android devices. We have site-wide Wi-Fi coverage and students have helped us to capture information by scanning items spread across over 170 buildings. The polished user interface of the app has made it simple for anybody to pick it up and understand how to operate it.

"We chose RAM because it is an established provider of asset management software that offered us a solution that completely met all of our requirements," Fallas said. "The scalability on offer also influenced our decision as the option to expand our use of the system, should we need to, was essential. The web-based hosted platform provides crucial flexibility for the different information types that will be imported and the ability to upload text and image data to the cloud on a large scale is a big benefit to the institute. Previously, we would use external verification services to capture asset information. We have now made this an internal process using RAM's solution, which will save us money and improve the quality of data.

"Creating a database to manage all assets within the Institute of Technology was not an easy task, but every person I've spoken with at RAM has been a pleasure to work with," Fallas concluded. "The support we have received at each step of the process has been great and completely driven towards delivering excellent service."

Real Asset Management (RAM) is a leading provider of fixed asset management and logistics software & services.   Over the last 30 years, its products have been implemented by more than 3,000 organisations in over 70 countries.

With offices across the world, servicing customers in Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas, RAM offers a range of products and consultancy services which enable organisations to effectively track and report on their assets. Its Series4000 solution offers fixed asset accounting, capital project control, lease accounting, asset budgeting, asset tracking (utilising barcodes/RFID) and computerised maintenance management/facilities management.

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