CoinShares ETPs Reach Record Trading Volumes

  • Asset Management
  • 21.05.2021 01:49 pm

CoinShares Europe's largest digital asset investment firm, today announced that the Company’s exchange traded products (“ETPs”) reached record trading volumes on Wednesday, May 19, 2021. CoinShares has two ETP platforms, XBT Provider, with $3.9B in AUM, and the newly launched CoinShares Physical platform, with $367M in AUM.1

With more than $490M in CoinShares ETPs changing hands on a day with significant market volatility, CoinShares – a publicly listed company under the CS ticker - had the highest volume traded of any European crypto ETP provider. 

In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency market has reached as high as $2.6T and as low as $1.4T, and while the asset class can be volatile, even the lower of these figures reflects over half a trillion dollars of market growth since the start of the year.2 These are impressive numbers, and it’s important to note that the crypto asset class only comprises 35 basis points of global wealth, highlighting the opportunity for further growth.3 

These record highs marked a new milestone for CoinShares. The previous record high was February 22, 2021 at $252M. Prior to, the most active day in trading volume was December 22, 2017, with $250M in certificates trading hands.

Notably, $312M or 63% of this activity was in ETH exposure, with the remaining $179M or 37% being in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and XRP exposures. As noted in the CoinShares Weekly Digital Asset Fund Flows report, in recent weeks Bitcoin investment products have seen net outflows for the first time, while Ethereum investment products have continued to see net inflows. This reflects increased investor interest in a wider range of digital assets beyond just bitcoin, and growing levels of participation in this market.

Frank Spiteri, CoinShares’ Chief Revenue Officer commented: “These impressive volumes demonstrate the robustness of our ETPs which deliver great outcomes for our investors and continue to operate seamlessly during even the most volatile periods. At a time when several crypto exchanges halted trading, our ETPs are being used as a trusted vehicle to access the digital asset class.”

Over the past seven years CoinShares has set the standard for trust and transparency provided to investors, putting the Company in a unique position to bridge the gap between institutional investors and digital assets. Since listing the first Bitcoin ETP in 2015, CoinShares ETPs have achieved several milestones:

  • December 2017: Crossed $1B in AUM for the first time
  • March 2019: CoinShares’ XBT Provider was named Europe’s most Innovative ETF Provider
  • November 2020: Surpassed $2B in AUM
  • February 2021: Surpassed $250M in daily turnover
  • April 2021: Surpassed $5B in AUM

Chief Executive Officer at CoinShares, Jean-Marie Mognetti, added “Technology is the backbone of our Company and over the last seven years, we have invested in building the right infrastructure and trading platform with sufficient capacity and performance to bring trust:, transparency, and reliability to this new asset class. The XBT Provider product family has not had to halt trading despite some pretty amazing volatility spikes. This is not a surprise but simply the visible proof that CoinShares is first and foremost a financial technology company bringing to market products which are backed by a robust technology stack. Days like yesterday are tangible proof of the commitment and dedication of our engineers."  

“This is an important reminder for large traders and allocators evaluating digital asset products and ETPs. Fees are always presented as the key decision factor for investors when making allocation decisions, but yesterday’s market volatility highlights why this is the wrong focus. Too often brand reputation, spread, on screen liquidity, daily volume, tracking error and legal structure are overlooked. CoinShares products offer exceptional liquidity, even in volatile markets, and bring trust and credibility, backed by seven years of operating experience, to a crowded market landscape.”

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