Broadridge’s SRD II Solution Wins Industry Recognition as Asset Servicing Regulatory Solution of the Year

  • Asset Management , IT Innovations
  • 18.11.2021 02:10 pm

Global Proxy Voting and Shareholder Disclosure Solution Win

Prestigious Asset Servicing Times Award

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., has won the Asset Servicing Regulatory Solution of the Year for its innovative updated Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II) solution at the inaugural Asset Servicing Times Awards Dinner in London

Broadridge’s end-to-end SRD II solution, comprising an enhanced version of its Global Proxy solution and a new innovative Blockchain-based Shareholder Disclosure Hub, enables all types of market intermediaries - banks, brokers, wealth managers and central securities depositories (CSDs) - to meet their SRD II obligations for increased governance and transparency through a strategic, efficient process for proxy voting and shareholder disclosure across European markets.

“As a result of our significant investments in platform innovation, global infrastructure and local market digital connectivity, we implemented over 300 client solutions helping customers and the wider industry to respond quickly and effectively to SRD II,” said Demi Derem, General Manager of Broadridge’s International Investor Communication Solutions. “We continue to evolve our solutions with a focus on greater digital connectivity across counterparties in the investment value chain. These innovations are driving efficiency, transparency and improving market deadlines never seen before in the industry”.

“Critically, because its SRD II innovations support both retail and institutional shareholder voting, Broadridge has not only helped hundreds of firms to navigate this challenging regulation, but in doing so it has helped to underpin the growing drive for increased shareholder democracy by empowering a larger community of investors,” said Justin Lawson, publisher and founder Asset Servicing Times. “Increasingly there is a desire amongst the investment community – both retail and institutional - to have a voice in how the companies in their portfolios are run, especially on ethical topics such as ESG policies and board remuneration.  Through the successful roll-out of its voting and disclosure solution, Broadridge has proven to be a key enabler at time when corporate governance is under the spotlight.”

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