Alveo Integrates Data Services from ULTUMUS to Help Customers More Quickly Integrate Index and ETF Information

  • Asset Management , Data
  • 06.07.2021 10:00 am

ULTUMUS, the leading exchange-traded fund (ETF) specialist, and Alveo, the leader in market data integration and analytics solutions for financial services, have announced a partnership to bring together ULTUMUS’s global ETF and index managed data service and Alveo’s data mastering solution Prime. The partnership will enable Alveo’s customers to integrate Index and ETF information more quickly, while allowing ULTUMUS’s clients to enhance their data mastering and data integration capabilities.

ULTUMUS’s specialisation is to capture, normalise, enrich and distribute global ETF and index composition data, reducing risk and providing solutions to both sell side and buy side. ULTUMUS provides look-through information on global ETFs and indices with the ability to see daily weights and constituent information for Open, Close and Rebalance for usage in trading, risk and performance.

Alveo focuses on the integration of market and reference data from different sources covering all asset classes, including pricing information, referential information, issuer and corporate actions data. Alveo’s data mastering and data quality solution tracks the collection, integration and quality-vetting of a diverse set of content providers.

“Investment management is becoming increasingly data intensive and we face demands from our clients to help them quickly onboard additional data sets. Index and ETF data is a key data category for them. We are pleased to work together with Ultumus to provide integration to our customer base with  high-quality and detailed index and ETF information”, said Mark Hepsworth, CEO Alveo.

“We are pleased to work together with the Alveo team”, said Bernie Thurston, CEO, ULTUMUS. “Reliable and scalable data integration with clear lineage has rapidly become a must-have in investment management. Alveo’s strength in data mastering and integration complements ULTUMUS’s managed data service”. 

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